history timeline

By rubi14
  • Jan 19, 1545

    sir francis drake

    sir francis drake
    he was the captain of the ship called golden hinde first english man to sail around the world. he was the first to explore the western coast. its important because he got to see the world. and possibly made some new disscovery
  • lewis and clark expedition

    lewis and clark expedition
    this adventure is important because they traveled around the united states to find the unknown land. this adventure led to cultural differences, friendship and working together.
  • treaty of oregon

    treaty of oregon
    it was important because it made a border between britain and the u.s. in thew pacific nw. it increased u.s. land to have more land and increased population.
  • whitman massacre

    whitman massacre
    this is an important event because dr. whitman was treating natives so they decided to kill him. which led to the cayuse war which killed more natives than whiteman. it led to a big war.
  • issac stevens/ medicine creek treaty

    issac stevens/ medicine creek treaty
    8 tribes in washington were involved in thee treaty. it was important because the traty involved peace with the u.s. and the tribes so that we are all equal treated the same.
  • bertha landis

    bertha landis
    she was the president of seattle federation women club. she was the first female executive opf a mayor in seattle. its important because it showas that women can become something big and important if they really wanted to.
  • abiigail scott duniway

    abiigail scott duniway
    abigail scott was a important person to the united states. she want for women to have rights and freedom. she didnt succeeded fast from her protests. it took her a while. from 1870 to 1910 the womens suffrage passed. she worked hard for the women.
  • great seattle fire

    great seattle fire
    the fire was an accident, but it destroyed a lot of the seattle area because of the fire. it may been destroyed but it was rebuilt better. it is historical because of the underground seattle, the new seattle was built over the old one so its a good site seeing. the fire was a good thing to happen becuse it increased the area population.
  • Frederick Weyerhaeuser

    Frederick Weyerhaeuser
    this event is important is because he brought 900,000 acres of timber to the united states, which brought industries of timber and more jobs to people. its important because without timber there wouldnt be a lot of things.
  • wiliam boeing 1881

    wiliam boeing 1881
    the company started in 1916. he is the owner of the boeing company for seaplanes and planes, it is a successful bussiness. it was his hobby to build sea planes. it is one of the largest aerospace company on earth. the military air craft. with out the the boeing we would not have aircrafts.
  • seattleq worlds fair

    seattleq worlds fair
    10 million of people attended. it was a great moment in the state history it brought a lot of people to seattle. for a adventure a lot of travelers.
  • billgates microsoft

    billgates microsoft
    bill gates is the ceo and chairman of microsoft, he found the company when he was only 20yrs old. it is important because with out the microsoft company we wouldnt have the high tech technology that we have today and the electonics. it is important because bill gates makes a lot of charity for kids.