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world war II

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    world war II timeline

  • end of WWI

    end of WWI
    at 11 a.m. on november 11th 1918 the armistice that bring the war to an end was signed.
  • hitler joins the nazi party

    hitler joins the nazi party
  • fascist party established under mussolini in italy

  • mussolini takes over italy

  • establishment of the USSR

  • death of vladimir lenin; control of USSR to joseph stalin; death of 8-13 milion russians

  • US and 61 other countries sign Kellogg-Briand Pact

  • japanese invasion of Manchuria

  • Roosevelt takes office

  • hitler becomes chancellor of germany

  • US begins passing neutrality

  • italian troops invade ethiopia

  • hitler begins military buildup

  • civil war begins in spain under francisco franco

  • german troops invade rhineland

  • japan invades china

  • hitler announces secret plans for lesenraum

  • hitler takes Austria

  • munich agreement; sudetenland to germany

  • czechoslovakia falls to hitler

  • non-aggresion pact; germany and russia; divide poland

  • german invasion of poland; blitzkerieg

  • franco is successful in spain

  • rusian army into finland

  • totalitarian government established in USSR

  • german invasion of denmark

  • defeat of netherlands, belgium and luxembourg by germany

  • france surrender to germany