WW II Timeline

By tschei
  • End of WW I

    End of WW I
    WW I comes to a close.
  • Hitler Joins the Party

    Hitler Joins the Party
    Hitler joins the Nazi party.
  • Take Over in Italy

    Take Over in Italy
    Mussolini takes over Italy.
  • The USSR

    The USSR
    The USSR is established.
  • The Kellogg-Brianed Pact

    The Kellogg-Brianed Pact
    The United States and 61 other contries signed this document.
  • Japanese Invasion

    Japanese Invasion
    The Japanese invade Manchuria.
  • New President

    New President
    Roosevelt takes office.
  • Germany's New Chancellor

    Germany's New Chancellor
    Hitler becomes the new Chancellor of Germany, and then established the Third Reich.
  • The Neutrality Acts

    The Neutrality Acts
    The United States begins passing the Neutrality Acts.
  • Military Buildup

    Military Buildup
    Hitler proceeds by building up a military, going against the treaty.
  • Period: to

    Ethiopia Conquered

    Mussolini's Italian troops conquer Ethiopia.
  • Spain Causes Civil War

    Spain Causes Civil War
    Led by Francisco Franco, a civil war heats up in Spain.
  • Another Japanese Invasion

    Another Japanese Invasion
    Japan invades China by surprise.
  • Period: to

    Austria Take Over

    Hitler takes down Austria.
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    The Munich Agreement was created.
  • Into Finland They Go

    Into Finland They Go
    Russian army arrives in Finland. The Finns surrender to them about three months later.
  • Czecholslovakia Crumbles

    Czecholslovakia Crumbles
    Hitler causes Czecholslovakia to fall.
  • Success

    Franco is successful in Spain.
  • The Non-Aggression Pact

    The Non-Aggression Pact
    Germany and Russia create the Non-aggression pact, and divide up Poland.
  • The Blitzkrieg

    The Blitzkrieg
    Germany's invasion of Poland.
  • Germany Invades

    Germany Invades
    Denmark and Norway are invaded by the Germans.
  • Defeated At Dunkirk

    Defeated At Dunkirk
    The British and French are defeated in this area.
  • Italy Enters The War

    Italy Enters The War
    Italy enters WW II alongside of Germany and invades France.
  • France Gives In

    France Gives In
    France surrenders to Germany.
  • Plans Of Invading Great Britian

    Plans Of Invading Great Britian
    An invasion is planned for great Britian, beginning the mark of the Battle of Britian.