lewis and clark

  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark

  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark

  • William was born

    He was born on August 1 in Charlottsville, Virginia.
  • Lewis was born

    Lewis was born near Charlottesville, VA as a child he lived next to Thomas Jefferson.
  • Lewis gains comand

    Lewis was picked as the commander of the expedition. He writes to Clark to ask him to join the expedition with him
  • Lewis picks up clark

    Lewis takes a large keelboat that was constructed Pittsburgh. He travels down the Ohio River to pick up Clark
  • The Expedition begins

    They started the expeditioin by firing cannon shoots into the river they named it Independence Creek.
  • They send back a keelboat

    Lewis and Clark send the keelboat and a dozen men back downriver with maps, reports, and Indian artifacts for Jefferson. The rest of them went west.
  • The Judith River

    Clark names the Judith River in honor of a girl back in Virginia he hopes to marry.
  • The village

    • Lewis discovers a village of Shoshones and tries to negotiate for horses.
  • The guide

    They set out with a Shoshone guide called Old Toby, along with 29 horses and a mule.The expedition sets out with a Shoshone guide called Old Toby, along with 29 horses and a mule.
  • Columbia River

    They finely made it to the Columbia River.
  • Mount Hood

    Clark sees Mount Hood in the distance, named by a British sea captain in 1792, proof that they are near the ocean.
  • Clark married

    Clark had married Julia "Judith" Hancock for whom he had named a river while on the expedition
  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark