Decomposition Dig

By miearst
  • Week one, weather.

    Week one, weather.
    Throughout the 1st week of burying the items, itr has been moderatly cold some snow temperatures around 15-30 degrees.It was sunny that week.
  • styrofaom

    Styrofaom is made up of polystyrene, it is usually uneconomical to recycle, it can also be environmentally decomposed.
  • Burried Items.

    Burried Items.
    I predicted these items would decompose at a percentage. Orange: 60%
    Apple: 75%
    Styrofoam: 55%
    Foil: 0%
    Cotton Cloth: 10%
    Reg. Chip Bag: 15%
    Sun Chip Bag: 5%
    Paper: 40%
  • Week 2, weather.

    Week 2, weather.
    Around 30's in temperature, high winds, somewhat cold. Cloudy that week.
  • Aluminum Foil

    Aluminum Foil
    Made of sheet ingots cast from molten aluminium, and beta radiation. It decomposes very slowly over about 50 years or so, because of the difficulties in separating the components and low yield of aluminium metal.
  • Week 3, weather.

    Week 3, weather.
    30's - 60's in temperature, got warmer higher in the week, low wind speeds that week.
  • Problem and Hypothesis.

    Problem and Hypothesis.
    What is it we are going to find out? How much it willl decompose. An educated guess of how much it will decompose. I think the apple will decompose first with 75%.
  • Sun Chip bag.

    Sun Chip bag.
    It takes close to 12-16 weeks. It is 100% compostable and is made of plant-based materials.
  • Materials and Equipment

    Materials and Equipment
    To gather your materials.
  • Week 4, weather.

    Week 4, weather.
    Around 30's then we got a lot of snow that week, very cold. Cloudy and sunny.
  • Paper.

    Paper is made by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets.
  • Week 5,weather.

    Week 5,weather.
    Started off with around 30 drgrees and then went into snow the rest of the week, very cold and snowy, sunny/ cloudy.
  • Cotton Fabric.

    Cotton Fabric.
    Cotton has been spun, woven, and dyed into fabric since prehistoric times. Cotton forms around the seeds of cotton plants.
  • Weather, week 6

    Weather, week 6
    Temperatures around the 40's and not very windy that week, kinda chilly and arm through thhe week.
  • Orange.

    The orange comes from the orange tree and it takes 2-5 weeks to decompose.
  • Apple.

    Apples come from seeds from trees, it takes over a year to decompose.
  • Weather, week 7.

    Weather, week 7.
    Somewhat cold in the mornings and warm in the evenings, spring time weather through the week. Around 70's during the day, and Cloudy.
  • Regular Chip Bag.

    Regular Chip Bag.
    It does not decompose, but brakes up into tiny pieces and eventually turns into plastic dust. This process takes hundreds of years.
  • Unburried Items.

    Unburried Items.
    Percentages of unburried items.
    Apple: 50%
    Apple was falling apart, rotten and smushy.
  • Unburried Items.

    Unburried Items.
    More percentages of unburried items.
    Sun chips: 0%
    Bag was ripped.
  • Unburried Items.

    Unburried Items.
    Reg, Chip Bag: 0%
    Bag was ripped.
  • Unburried Items.

    Unburried Items.
    More percentages of unburried items.
    Paper: 25%
    Paper was falling apart and ripped and soggy.
  • Unburried Items.

    Unburried Items.
    More percentages.
    Foil: 2%
    Foil was crinkled and ripped.
  • Unburried items.

    Unburried items.
    Styrofoam: 0%
    Styrofoam was falling apart and ripped up.
  • Unburried items.

    Unburried items.
    Cotton Cloth: 0%
    Cotton wasn't falling apart or anything.
  • Unburried Items.

    Unburried Items.
    Orange: 40%
    Orange was smushy and pink around the edges and rotten