social studies timeline of Lewis and Clark

  • The expedition begins

    The expedition begins
    In the summer of 1804 the great expedition with Lewis and Clark officially starts today. They are now heading on their way up the Missouri River to Fort Mandan.
  • Information for Jefferson

    Information for Jefferson
    Lewis and Clark had all the information they had found so far. They are sending it down the river with about a dozen men to deliver the information to Jefferson.
  • arguement of which way is which.

    The men are arguing over which way is south and which way was north and which way they should go. The men all decided that no matter which way was which they would go wherever Lewis and Clark led them, and that was the end of the arguement.
  • The Great falls of the Missouri

    Lewis scouted ahead of the group, and came across the Great Falls of the Missouri.Along with that, four other water falls which makes it over 18 miles. It would take almost a month just to pass through it.
  • The discovery of Shoshones

    Lewis finally discovers the village of Shoshones and tries to get horses from them to use. Clark wasn't with Lewis at the moment. Later on Clark arrives with the rest of the men. Later on the discover that the chief of the Shoshones is Sacagawea's brother. Lewis and Clark end up calling the site Camp Fortunate.
  • The fight that almost happened

    The fight that almost happened
    Fighting almost broke out because of an indian tribe. The Indian tribe was commanding that Lewis and Clark were to give them an expedition boat as a payment for traveling up stream.
  • Leaving Fort Clatsop

    Lewis and Clark loads up their boats and men and left Fort Clatsop to finish the rest of their amazing adventure.
  • The departure from camp.

    The departure from Camp Wood, Missouri starts today. :)
    Lewis and Clark take a keel-boat and two smaller boats to travel on.
  • winter season is over

    Lewis and Clark was very pleased to see that the snow was melting. Now it is so much easier for them to travel without as many sicknesses or loss of supplies.
  • Split

    Lewis and Clark group for a little while to go sprouting to look around more to see what they can find. Also to see if the was any information to see.
  • Sacagawea and Charbonneau

    Sacagawea and Charbonneau joined the group. They are now helping Lewis and Clark. They were a great help when it came to foreign languages that Lewis and Clark couldn't speak.
  • The very first Buffalo hunt.

    The very first Buffalo hunt.
    Lewis and Clark finally participate in their first buffalo hunt.