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Revolutionary War

  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    A long and expensive war between france and Britian and their native american allies for control over north america after britian won the king began taxing colonists.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    An attemp to repay indian allies who had helped Brittian defeat the french.
  • The Sugar Act

    The Sugar Act
    Designed to bring in money from colonists raied taxes on igar, colonists dont like buyt they dont protest.
  • The stamp act

    The stamp act
    Tax on all newspapers and magazines playing caved virtually all paper products colinists are outraged.
  • The quartering Act

    The quartering Act
    Colonies have to provide housing for troops cuts cost of deploying troops protects coloniss from indians gives king enforces for acts/laws
  • The townshend Act

    The townshend Act
    Conflict over parliaments recent treatment of the colonies get worse takes things colonies import lead,paper,paint,tea. Colonies are pushed over edge.
  • The Declaratory Act

    The Declaratory Act
    Parliament doesn't like that it was forced by the colonists to repeal the stamp act. Parliament has power to legislate the colonies "in all cases what so ever."
  • Boston non-Importation Agreement

    Boston non-Importation Agreement
    Colonies refuse to buy british luxary/finished goods. Act repealed except for the tea tax to show colonists parliament still more power peaceful then colonists.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    A mob of bostonians harass redcoats british troops fire on th mob 11 people shot, f died including cirpus attackes a free black man (ironic)
  • The Tea act

    The Tea act
    All acts except the tea act were repealed the colonists boycott had been affected british trade has been hurt.
  • the boston Tea party

    the boston Tea party
    Boston massacure out rages colonists sons of liberty dress as indians board ships owned bu the british east india trade company and throw tea into boston harbor.
  • The intolerable Acts

    March 31-June 22nd 1774
    King and parliament pressured by east india trading company and others to do something about massachusets.
  • Period: to

    King and parliament pressured by east india trading company and others to do something about massachusets.

    King and parliament pressured by east india trading company and others to do something about massachusets.
  • First continental congress

    First continental congress
    September-october 16
    Radicals want war/active resistance bastarians(adams,hancocks,ect.)
    Viginians(patrick henry)
    Congress of colonies. Signed and made declaration of independence.
  • Patrick Henry's" give me liberty or give me death" speech

    Patrick Henry's" give me liberty or give me death" speech
    We think the war is over but it has just beun the war is stillg going on, shots being fired. We should not rest.
  • Paul Revere & William Dawes "Midnight ride"

    Paul Revere & William Dawes "Midnight ride"
    British troops sent security o capture a stock pile of colonial weapons located in the city of concord massachusetts.
  • Battle of lexington&Concord

    Battle of lexington&Concord
    700 british U.S 130 minute men shots fired, no oneknow who shot first.
    700 plus colonists militia rally to concord british slpit forces sending some out into the countryside.
  • Second continental Congress

    Second continental Congress
    Colonial Malita men were capmed outside everyone was prepared for war john adams was away in philidelphia- at the time was meeting with patriots.
  • Fort ticonderoga Seized by ethan allen &green mountain boys

    Fort ticonderoga Seized by ethan allen &green mountain boys
    Americans attacked british fort ticonderoga ethan allen led the band of back woodsmen, the americans captured strillary,cannons,guns ect.
  • Washington named Commander and Chief of Continental Army & Navy

    Washington named Commander and Chief of Continental Army & Navy
    Wa. was voted into being Chief of the continental arm. He had served as a colonial offiver with British during the french and indian war.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    Tensions were building in Boston on june 1775 Militiamen siezed bunker hill and breadshill behind charlestown.
  • American forces under Benedict Arnold fail to seize Quebec

    American forces under Benedict Arnold fail to seize Quebec
    December 30th & 31
    Washington came up with the plan to seize Quebec. winter set in. Under harsh conditions of weather americans launched attack.
  • Continental Army wins at Princeton

    Continental Army wins at Princeton
    Victories proved that the american general was better then the british had thought. American army began to attract new recruits.
  • Thomas Paine publishes "Common Sense"

    Thomas Paine publishes "Common Sense"
    In 1776 most americans still wanted to avoid final break with Britian however the publication of a pamphlet titled "Common sense".
  • British evacuate Boston

    British evacuate Boston
    In mass the contiential army had surrounded british forces in boston neitherside was able to break the stand off.
  • Declaration of Independence adopted

    Declaration of Independence adopted
    Congress adopted the document that proclaimed independence the declaration of indepence.
  • Hessian Mercenaries arrive to fight for British

    Hessian Mercenaries arrive to fight for British
    9000 came to help-merenarians.
    Hired to fight for forign country for life.
  • British win Battle of Long Island, New York

    British win Battle of Long Island, New York
    british land and Navel forces attack the continental army on long island which leads to a series of american defeats around new york and new jersey.
  • British occupy New York city

    British occupy New York city
    General howe landed at kips Bay and entered the city virtually and unopposed and paused his campaigen.
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton
    Washingtons troops rowed across the icy delaware river to new jersey. Marched into trenton to supride hessions. americans captured/killed 900 hessions and gained suplies.
  • Marquis de Lafaeyette arrives in colonies

    Marquis de Lafaeyette arrives in colonies
    A 19 year old noble man Giebert Du Montier recieves commison fromcongress as a major guerat in washingtons army.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    September 19-October 17th 1777
    Had two very different consequences. Attacked on october 7th. Another battle led charges against British again. Burgoyre's army surrendered after battle of saratoga.
  • British Occupy Philedelphia

    Howe defeated but didnt capture washington at the battle of Brandywine. Then howe and his army occupied Philedeplhia.
  • British win battle of Germantown

    Washington attacked Howe at Germantown.Washington lost the battle to British however, and retreated.
  • Vallet Forge

    Europeans helped americans at valley forge very cold winter. the forge lost food and money.Not very any soldiers.
  • U.S and France form oficial alliance

    The agreement was that if the british broke the treaty they hd france the americans would help friends.
  • British abandon Philadelphia and return to NY city

    15,000 british troops evacuate New york to avoide British fleat. Once left Americans reclaimed the city.
  • British Capture port of Savannah Georgia

    Suprise attack between 2500-3600 British troops. 650-900 American men. Patriots lost 83 men 483 were Captured,. British lost only 3 men and another 10 wounded.
  • Battle of Vincennes/Ft. Sackville

    American men Clark entered town in two divisions one by clark another by bowmen. Created impression of 1000 men. Clarks men built entrenchmen 200 yards in front of fort. Shot at fort throughout the night shot closer and closer in groups. British cannoned. Clarks men lots of help from villagers supplies hammiltion asked for 3 days truce- reclined when met with clark. Clark won victory and put up the flag and claimed it fort Patrick Henry.
  • Spain declares war on Britian

    Spain creates alliance with america. Less recourses for Britian to trade.( No france, america,or spain.) Secured gold of mexico for independence and west and east florida.
  • Battle of Flamborough Head

    Captian Jones Combat fought with British ships lots of his crew died on ship starts to sink he yells not et begun to fight then fought more then got blew up by Gernades.
  • British capture Charleston S.C

    They were in Charleston and general Cornwallis men attacked and Patriots had no chance and had to retreat and give all amo, weapons, supplies. And let the colonist fo if they promised to never bear arms againstqueen or king of england
  • First French troops arrive to help American war effort

    6000 french troops joined, also indian troops won siege yorktown helped weil win.
  • Gen. Benedict Arnold commits treason

    Sept 21-25
    He was offered high power and led British toops in virginia and Conneticut. And never recieved all the land money and position british offered him.
  • Battle of King's Mountain, S.C

    Patriot irregulars under colonel William Campbell defreats tories major patrick ferguson. Furguson unwilling to surrender led suicidal charge down the mountain. Torie- 157 killed, 163 wounded, 168 captured.
    Campbell- 28 killed and 60 wounded.
  • Articles of Confederation Adopted

    After a 16 monrg debate the congress accepted in 1777 not until the last 13 states agreeed- Maryland the law of the land. A government. Overthough government 5 years later.
  • French Fleet drives British out of Chesapeake bay

    French fleet under Admiral De Grasse defeats british. British sail back to new York. French blockaded Chesapeake Bay.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Sept 28- Oct 19
    Virginia US. Americans and freanch against Britian 8,800 americans 7800 french and 6000 british. Muskets guns. Victory- American and French. French and american surrounded them (seige) On october 19th British marched out of York town and surrendered.
  • Period: to

    British Troops return to Britain

    England declares end to hostiles in America. England signes Peace treaty with fance and Spain. Lots of battle with indeians. No slavery in virginia. George WA says goodbye to his army. Washington enteres mahattan as last British troops leave. Congress meets in maryland.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The treaty of Paris is signed by USA and great Britain congress will ratify treaty on january 14th 1784 ended us war for independence. The peace treaty made by King george.
  • U.S constitution signed

    39 delagates vote and sign final of the constitution make senate, house of rep,terms,legislative branch, presidents, judicial.(makes governemtn) George Washington first president.No signature from rhode island.