Into the Wild

By 3101832
  • Anchorage Daily News

    Anchorage Daily News published an article about Chris's death.
  • Period: to

    The search for Chris's family and home

    People kept calling saying they knew Chris then Jim Gallien called and told the cops that Chris was from South Dakota. The cops searched there but didn't find Chris's family or home.
  • Westerberg is informed that Chris is dead

    Wayne Westerberg is driving to Carthage with his crew, turns on the radio, and finds out that Chris is dead.
  • Period: to

    Continuing the search for Chris

    Westerberg calls the police and tells them Chris's real name and his social security number which helps them find out where Chris originally lived.
  • Sam receives a call

    Sam got a call from the Fairbanks County homicide detective telling him that Chris is dead and he goes to Fairbanks to confirm that the dead hiker is Chris.