Lewis and Clark

  • St. Louis

    St. Louis
    Lewis and Clark took part in cerimonies of transferring the Louisiana Territory from France to the United States. These cerimonies were held in St. Louis.
  • Start of the Exploration

    Start of the Exploration
    Lewis and Clark's expedition started. They left from Camp River in Illinois with 55 foot boats full of men. They started the exploration with 59 men.
  • Lewis joining the expedition

    Lewis joining the expedition
    Lewis joins with Clark and the men in St. Charles. They did not stay in St. Louis long, just a day or two. Then later in the week they encountred their first Indian Tribe called the Kickapoos
  • 1st Independence Day

    1st Independence Day
    Lewis and Clark held the 1st Independence Day celebration. This celebration was on the west side of the Mississippi River. They also named a nearby creek, named Independence Creek.
  • Honoring Black Bird

    Lewis and Clark honored Blackbird the leader of the Omaha Indians. Blackbird died four years before and Lewis, Clark, and ten other indian men climbed to the top of his grave mound and planted flags at the top. Blackbird and 400 other indians died from smallpox in that tribe.
  • Sergeant Charles Floyd

    Sergeant Charles Floyd dies from natural causes. He died in present day Sioux City Iowa. The corps named hills around his grave after him. This was the only death during the expedition.
  • Canadian Fur Trader

    A French Canadian fur trapper, Toussaint Charbonneau was hired as an interpreter. Also his wife was Sacagewea which helped them on there expedition a lot. She led the way and tought them about a lot of things like plants and animals.
  • Buffalo Dance

    Buffalo Dance
    Lewis and Clark attended a Buffalo Dance with the Indians. This dance is supposed to attract buffalos to the area. The corps also attended in this special dance.
  • Sacagawea's Baby

    Sacagawea's Baby
    Sacagawea gave birth to Jean Baptiste, which was a boy. This occured in Fort Mandan at about 5 o'clock in the morning. Clark also nicknamed him Pompy.
  • Three Forks of the Missouri River

    Three Forks of the Missouri River
    The corps got to the three forks of the Missouri River. They named them Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson. The Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin, the Secretary of State, James Madison, and President Thomas Jefferson.
  • Going back home

    Going back home
    Lewis and Clark and there men made it all the way to Willamette River, Oregon. Thats were they turned around to go back home. They split into two different groups on the way back home.
  • Bitteroot Mountains

    Bitteroot Mountains
    The corps reach the Bitteroot Mountains. But they have to wait for the snow to melt first. They stayed with very caring people named Nez Perce.
  • Home again

    Lewis and Clark and there men arrive back in St. Louis. It took them about 2 1/2 years for the whole exploration. Only 33 poeple and one dog made it back out of 59 poeple made it back, But only one person died.