Into the wild

Into the Wild Chapter 10 Timeline

  • Story of the dead hiker hits the press

    The newspaper called the Anchorage Daily News posted the story which Jim Galien immediately identified as McCandless. He described some gear and made the first steps to indentification.
  • Period: to

    The search continues

    Jim Galien properly identifies McCandless as Alex through pictures and recalls Alex said he was from South Dakota. Word keeps spreading about this mysterious case.
  • Wayne hears the news

    Wayne catches the last bit of a radio broadcast about Alex. He finds McCandless's SSN and gives it to police.
  • Period: to

    The search continues

    Alaskan police do a little sleuthing and finds Sam McCandless, Chris's brother.
  • Sam makes identification

    Sam properly identifies Chris. He notes that he disappeared and had intended to go to Alaska.