Educational Technology Timeline

  • Motorola Pageboy

    Motorola Pageboy
    The first pager becomes available to consumers.
  • Post-It Notes

    Post-It Notes
    In 1974, Art Fry was looking for a bookmark for his hymnal. He wanted something that wouldn't damage or fall out. He remebered his colleague at 3M, Dr. Spencer Silver. Silver invented an adhesive that would serve that purpose, so Fry put the adhesive on a piece of paper and thus created the Post-It note. In 1977, 3M did market research and the post-it was not wanted, but then in 1979, it finally became the little tool we have all come to love.
  • Education for All Handicapped Children Act

    Education for All Handicapped Children Act
    Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 was established to make sure that students with disabilities receive FAPE. Also states students must have a LRE, Least Restrictive Environment, an IEP-Individualized Education Plan, and Due Process.
  • The First Cell Phone!

    The First Cell Phone!
    Dr. Martin Cooper, a former Motorola employee invents the portable handset. This handset was significantly larger than what we are use to now. Thank you Dr. Cooper!
  • InkJet Printer invented

    InkJet Printer invented
    The inkjet printer was invented in '76, although most people could not get one for their home until 1988 and the Hewlett-Parkard inkjet was still $1000. I don't even like to spend $20 on my ink cartridge, so I can't imagine what people did when it cost that much!!
  • Queen sends e-mail!

    Queen sends e-mail!
    Demonstrating the networking technology Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, sends out her first e-mail on March 26, 1976.
  • Speak and Spell

    Speak and Spell
    The Speak and Spell was developed by Texas Instruments Inc. The Speak and Spell was the first electronic duplication of the human voice in a single chip.
  • Walkman

    The iPods distant relative, the Sony Walkman! In 1979, the first personal stereo cassette player was developed.
  • Music Television

    Music Television
    MTV was the first cable television channel designed to play music videos.
  • Gibson

    My Birthday!!!!
  • Internet is born

    Internet is born
    The ARPANET, Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, Tchanges to TCP/IP, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. Now news could travel from network to network.
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft Windows made its debut. It was IBM's first operating system that provided graphical user interface.
  • Macintosh

    Macintosh, the first commercially mouse-driven computer realeased by Apple Computer during a commercial break in Super Bowl XVIII.