Chinese cinderella

Chinese Cinderella

By kaybee
  • Birth

    Adeline Yen Mah was born with the name Yen Jun-Ling.
  • Adeline's mother dies

    Adeline's mother dies
    Adeline's mother dies when giving birth to her.
  • Father remarries

    Father remarries
    Adeline's father gets remarried to Niang, a seventeen-year-old from France.
  • Brother born

    Brother born
    Niang has a baby boy, and names him Franklin.
  • Sister born

    Sister born
    Niang has a baby girl names Susan.
  • School

    Adeline is put into a school in Tianjin, the city in China in which they live.
  • Move to Shanghai

    Move to Shanghai
    Adeline's whole family moves from Tianjin to Shanghai.
  • School in Shanghai

    School in Shanghai
    Adeline and her 4 older siblings are all starting at a new school in Shanghai.
  • Pet

    Adeline and her siblings recieve pet ducklings as a reward for finishing school. But Adeline's duckling gets attacked by the dog and dies.
  • Birthday Party

    Birthday Party
    Adeline goes to her best friends birthday party. Niang doesn't like this and Adeline is grounded.
  • Tianjn

    Adeline gets into a lot of trouble for going to her friends birthday party without permission. Niang and her father make her move to Tianjin to go to a boarding school there.
  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong
    After a few months in Tianjin, her aunt comes to get her and take her to Hong Kong where the rest of her family is.
  • School in Hong Kong

    School in Hong Kong
    Niang sends Adeline to a boarding school in Hong Kong. After just a few months, Adeline had skipped two grades and was at the top of her class.
  • Accepted

    When Adeline got the news that her writing had been accepted as the winner, she ran and told her entire family. They finally accepted her into the family.
  • Graduation

    After just a couple years at the boarding school, Adeline graduates at age 14.
  • World-Wide writing competition

    World-Wide writing competition
    Adeline entered in one of her best writings and she won the world-wide writing competition.