P.A. History

  • Period: Jan 5, 1000 to Jan 5, 1500

    woodland period

    Native Americans start to settle and become less nomadic.
  • Period: Jan 5, 1492 to Jan 5, 1493

    columbus lands in the caribbean

    Columbus: His ships the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, were sponsered by spain He landed in the caribbean
  • Period: Jan 5, 1500 to

    Many tribes live in P.A.

    Many tribes lived in P.A.
    First encounter with europeans
  • Jamestown is settled

    Settlers first settle in Jamestown virginia in the year 1607.
  • Henry Hudson explores the Deleware bay area.

    In 1609 Henry Hudson explores the Delaware bay area.
  • Pilgrims settle in Plymoth M.A.

    In 1620 Pilgrims arrived in Plymoth M.A. aboard the Mayflower.
  • Peter Minuit comes to New Netherland.

    Peter Minuit comes to New Netherland.
    In 1638 Peter Minuit came to New Netherland and founded New Sweden.