Helen Keller

Timeline created by bekahm
  • moved

    the family moved into a new bigger house when she was 5. They had to have room for her family. She had two older half-brothers, and after they moved in, her parents had another little girl.
  • Born

    She was born in Tuscumbia, a little town in Northern Alabama.
  • helen got sick

    helen got sick
    "In the dreary month of February came the illness which closed my eyes adn ears and plunged me into the unconsciousness of a newborn baby." pg 6
  • Miss Sullivan

    Miss Sullivan
    Helens first teacher arrived, her name was Miss Anne Mansfield Sullivan, and she taught Helen what living is. she was the one that brought the light back into helens life.
  • Visit to Boston

    Visit to Boston
    She visited Boston with her mom and Ms. Sullivan. Miss. Sullivan was telling what she was seeing out the window. They were going to the Perkins Institution for the Blind, she started making friends with other blind children. it was a joyful expereince because for the first time she could talk to kids in her own language. the manuel alphabet.
  • Helen Learned to speak

    Helen Learned to speak
    in the spring of 1890 Helen was given the oppertunity to learn how to speak. sounds has always been something that helen did, she would sit there somedays just rambling on and feeling her throat. so when she was given this chance she took it.
  • Helen writes a book

    Helen writes a book
    She was writing a book called "the frost King" and she already wrote "the Frost Faries" . she found out that the words were not her own. it was exactly like a story that she heard from during the summer. they were about to publish it untill they got the letter saying that it was plagerism. so for a long time after that she was scared to write anything. for she didn't know what was her words and what were others. since she has only learned the words given to her.
  • took exams

    took exams
    Kellen took her exams from Radcliffe. the subjects were Elementary and advanced German, French, Latin, English, and Greek and Roman history. she received 'honors' in German and English.
  • Mr. Keith taught her out of Wrentham

    Mr. Keith taught her out of Wrentham
    From Feb. - July Mr. Keith came and taught her 2x a week. she was learning algebra, geometry, Greek, and Latin.
  • returned to boston

    returned to boston
    For eight months Mr.Keith began teaching her lessons 5x a week. he made sure that she understood everything from the lesson prior, before he began the new lesson.
  • college

    Helen went to college. she spent a little more time studying with Mr. Keith before she went. she finally went in the fall of 1900. college was a rude awakening, and realized it wasn't a time to think, but learn.
  • book published

    book published
    She has many popular works, and "The Story Of My Life" was published in 1902
  • Graduated

    Helen graduated from Radcliffe College, which is in Massachusetts.