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  • Albert Einstein publishes Theoryof Relativity

    Albert Einstein publishes Theoryof Relativity
    Albert EinsteinAlbert einstein finds out that the fastes thing in the univers is the speed of light. thus linking the sepret ideas of time and space to spacetime.
  • Huble discovers that the universe is expandng

    Huble discovers that the universe is expandng
    hubbleBy using a new 100 inch Telescope, Hubble descovers that the univers is moving farther away from us. Hubble does this by noticing that the farther away a galexcy is the more red it is. and the more red i is and more the light is being bent.
  • Discovery of Quasars

    Discovery of Quasars
    Allan Sandage and Thomas Matthews discover traces of intense radiation called Quasi Stellor Radio sources. The sources of the radiation was descovered four years later by Maarten Schmidt, who found it to be from the edge of the visible universe.
  • Discovery of microwave background radiation

    Discovery of microwave background radiation
    Bell TelephoneAt the Bell Telephone Labs, Scientists discover that the earth is bathed with radiation from all angles in space. the radiation they have discovered is a reasoult of the Big Bang.
  • COBE

    COBE stands for Cosmic Background Explorer. it was desined to measure cosmic microwave background radiation and diffuxe infrared.
  • Hubble Space Telescope Launched

    Hubble Space Telescope Launched
    It was taken up by the Descovery and sent into orbit. The 12 ton telescope has a 94 inch mirror. About 2 months after it was launched a flaw in the mirror was descovered.
  • Hubble Space Telescope Repared

    Hubble Space Telescope Repared
    The space shuttle Endeavor took off in 1993 with astronots to fix the flaw in the mirror. The greatest image it has recorded so far is galexies near the edge of the visible universe.
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey

    Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    The Sloan Digital Sky Survey or SDSS has taken pictures covering more than a quorter of the sky. The SDSS has also created 3-D maps and has found more than 930,000 Galexies.
  • WMAP

    NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe or WMAP, is in the process of maping Cosmic Microwave Background radiation. WMAP has determind the exact age of the universe to be 13.73
  • Two Micron Sky Survey

    Two Micron Sky Survey
    The Two Micron Sky Survey or 2MSS has scaned 70% of the sky and has deteted about 5700 celestial sources of infrared radiation. It has been more than 30 years since this has been done.