School Project Chase

By chase99
  • Jan 3, 900

    Chinese develop postal system to deliver written messages

    Has among the largest delivery networks in the world. They have 77,000 post offices.
  • Period: Jan 4, 900 to

    timespan 900bc - 1963

  • Jan 3, 1450

    Johann Gutenburg invents a printing pres using movable metal type.

    The letters were carved into the steel punch. This was a very slow process.
  • Early newspapers are published in Germany

    The sheets were hand written. They were only restricted to a certain range of topics.
  • Gugliermo Marconi sends the first radio signal across the atlantic ocean.

    Made a wierless transmitting station. Made a kite supported antenna for reception.
  • First communications satelilite is launched, allowing worldwide live broadcast of the 1964 olympics.

    Revolved around the earth once per day. It was the first olypmics that could be broadcast internationally.