Silvana P.

  • Civil war ends, Reconstruction begins

    As the civil war ends, Reconstruction begins. Abraham Lincoln has ideas for repairing the south. People are very poor and homeless in the south after the war. Many homes and landmarks were destroyed during the war, and some people died from starvation becuase their plantations were ruined. They has a lot of work to do in the South.
  • Lincoln dies, Jonson takes over.

    African Americans are free now, but things still aren't right. President Abraham Lincoln dies, and Vice President Andrew Jackson takes over, but he was against blacks the entire time. Once Jackson becomes presidents, he acts like the Civil War never happened. He still doesn't give blacks equal rights, and Mississippi still had slaves, and he did nothing about it.
  • Immagration

    People from China, Ireland etc. started populating the U.S. Immagrants weren't treated equally either because they weren't fully Americans. They tried getting jobs, and they barely made any money. But before they could enter the United States, they had to go through one of the immagration stations, Ellis Island or Angel Island, and they were interviewed about their health, their money, and where they came from and just about their lives.
  • Railroads begin in the West

    Immagrants started working on the Transcontinental Railroad. It was a very dangerous job, and they had to blow up some places to get through and keep building the railroad. People lost fingers and in the winter they lost toes. It was a very dangerous job, but it would really improve the United States.
  • cade is born.

    i see the world for my first time.
  • video game/bday

    play with my presants.
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