Stowaway (by Karen Hesse)

  • Period: to

    Pre-departure preperations are made

    Nicholas Young stows away on a ship named Endeavour, and is hiding in a pinnace until the ship leaves dock to explore. Few men know he is there, and Nick just wants to escape his life in England. Many pre-departure preperations are made, including storing food for the trip.
  • The trip begins as the boat leaves Plymouth

    England is left and the long three-year trek begins.
  • Nicholas is presented to Captain Cook

    The ship's surgeon presented Nick to Captain Cook, and the captain spares him and tells him he can stay if he is of help to the crew.
  • Anchor is set in Rio de Janeiro

    The boat is docked in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where the crew can find spices and plants to take on board for use throughout the rest of the trip.
  • Period: to

    The crew gathers provisions in Rio de Janeiro

    The Portugese Viceroy does not let the crew in Brazil at first, but after many inspections the Viceroy lets the captain come onshore and make some trades and gather provisions, but the ship must leave before too many exchanges and purchases have been made.
  • Rio de Janeiro is left and the next destination is Cape Horn

    The city of Rio de Janeiro is left and the ship proceeds to Cape Horn.
  • Tierra del Fuego is reached, right before Cape Horn

    Tierra del Fuego is reached and will be the last stop before the crew reaches Cape Horn. The crew does not get off the ship, only captain walks on the shore to examine the beaches while.
  • They leave Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn is approaching them

    The crew leaves Tierra del Fuego as the last stop before rounding Cape Horn and heading to King George's Land (OTahiti)
  • Cape Horn is rounded

    The ship gets around the tip of South America by rounding Cape Horn and is now heading towards King George's Land (OTahiti). Strong winds prohibited them from getting around it but finally the ship can get around. Here marks the start of the crew's major discoveries.
  • King George's Land is finally reached

    After almost a year of sailing, anchor is set in King George's Land and the crew begins their explorations.
  • Period: to

    The crew explores King George's Land (the natives call it OTahiti)

    For almost four months, the crew explores OTahiti and finds many different things including plants and animals. Nick makes friends with a native boy named Tarheto, and they learn to speak each other's language. OTahiti, King George's Land, what ever you call it, is presently called Tahiti,
  • The crew leaves OTahiti

    After four months in OTahiti, the crew must leave and continue their journey elsewhere. Tarheto, who was Nick's dearest native friend on the island, is the brother of an older boy named Tupia, who is going to be the ship's helper with directions. Tupia decides to take Tarheto on board with him as his apprentices.
  • Period: to

    The crew sails through the Society Islands

    Immeadiatly after leaving OTahiti, the ship steers through the Society Islands. About six islands were visited, but they left after that and proceeded to cross the International Date Line.
  • New Zeland is reached

    This landing in New Zeland marks the beginning of almost a six-month journey around the island.
  • Period: to

    The crew explores all of New Zeland.

    This new country the crew is exploring has a ton of bays, making it a long trip and exploration. These natives are quite different depending on which bay the crew visits. Some do not want to trade, others think the trade items the British crew have are worthless, and others even eat the remains of deceased tribe members!
  • The crew stops exploring New Zeland

    New Zeland is being left and a new sound is being followed to new land.
  • A major continent is found, New Holland

    New Holland is found, another major continent / country.
  • Period: to

    New Holland becomes the ship's main continent of exploraton

    New Holland is explored, and only the eastern and southern parts of the continent are explored. Some natives are nice, others unwilling to cooperate. Multiple rivers and inlets were found and the crew were willing to explore.
  • The ship exits New Holland and the next destination is set as home

    A few more small countries will be explored, but the ship is becoming old and worn down.
  • Batavia is reached

    The devil town is reached, with no good result.
  • Period: to

    Batavia, the devil country is visited

    The natives give the crew a flux disease, which takes the lives of six crew members, Tarheto and Tupia, and many more are to come.
  • The crew leaves Batavia and heads for England.

    The crew will carry the flux disease with them, and will have a major impact on the crew population.
  • Period: to

    The last length of the trip is made

    The trip from Batavia is made and England is reached, but nearly 75% of the crew is lost to the powerful flux disease.
  • England is reached and Nick returns

    England is reached and Nick decides to come back to his father. Only about fifteen of the ninety crew members that boarded in the beginning of the trip three years previously, and almost all were from the flux disease obtained from Batavia. The long journey ends and the book comes to a close.