BARRATT- Amabel Dalena- Rev. War.

By adalena
  • Friends with French

    The French secretly gave the Patriots weapons, since the British beat them in the French and Indian War.
  • Middle States

    British retreat from Boston and set their sights on capturing New York City.
  • Staten Island

    Brothers, General William Howes and Admiral Richard Howes, combine forces on Staten Island and sail into the New York harbor.
  • Period: to

    The Howes Brothers

  • New York Loss

    Washington and his unprepared army were run out of New York, following more American losses.
  • Pushed to Pennsylvania

    British push Washinton's army into Pennsylvania and it also decreased due to some difficulties along the way.
  • Battle of Trenton

    American troops march into Trenton, New Jersey and attacked the Hessians. Then, Washington's men marched into Morristown.
  • All or Nothing

    Washington leads his troops through the icy Deleware River for an all-or-nothing battle with their enemy.
  • The End Date

    Washington's command and the men's enlistment ends.
  • Period: to

    Spring of 1777

  • Philedalphia Plunder

    General Howe took action in his plan to seize the American capital at Philedalphia. He was able to break through Washington's bloackade of men and capture Philedalphia.
  • Burgoyne's Blunder at Saratoga

    No more plan, no more reinforcements from Howe, and worst of all, surrounded by American troops. Burgoyne had surrendered and distorted the Britain's war strategy.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    Geroge Wahington's troops struggle through the freezing temperatures of winter in their camp.
  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

    Geroge Wahington's troops struggle through the freezing temperatures of winter in their camp.
  • The French and American Aliiance

    After the battle of Saratoga, the French decided to fully support American in the Revolution for independence.
  • Making Soldiers

    Making Soldiers
    Friedrich von Steuben volunteered to make soldiers out of "country bumpkins", under the command of Washington.
  • South Operations

    The British began to attempt regaining their forces within the loyalists, former colonies in the region to fight back.
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War

  • Period: to

    Summer of 1778

  • British take Georgia

    British easily capture Savannah, Georgia.
  • French Reinforcments

    Marquis de Layayette was a French aristocrat who joined in Washington's forces and led a command in Virginia in the last years of war.
  • New Georgia Governor

    In this time of spring, a new royal governor had taken command in Georgia.
  • The New General

    General Henry Clinton had replaced Generl Howe, along with the assistance of general Charles Cornwalls these two captured Charles Town, South Carolina.
  • Two Generals Two Roles

    Many American soldiers were caputred as prisoners and Clinton took off to New York. This issued Cornwalls to take command of British forces and seize South and North Carolina.
  • Cornwallis Conquers and Retreats

    Cornwallis was able to conquer American forces in South Carloina up until he reached North Carolina, where the American troops baded to gether, cut off British communication and pushed them back.
  • Lafayette's Plan Laid Out

    Marquis de Layfette had heard of Cornwallis's plans, so he came up with his own plan to combine the French and American troops with the large French fleet and take down the British.
  • Continental Army Fights

    Brtish forces in Cowpens, South Carolina, and underestimated the outnumbered Americans. The Continental army fought back and forced the British troops to surrender.
  • Cornwallis's Revenge

    Cornwallis was able to gain a victory after attacking Greene, but it cost Cornwallis's troops to decrease in great numbers by either death, wounded, or missing.
  • Greene in Need

    Greene was able to weaken Cornwallis's forces but needed help from Lafayette.
  • From Merchant to FInance Superintendant

    Robert Morris was once a a rich Philedalphian merchant until he was assigned the role of the spuerintendant of finance.
  • Pay Day...Finally!

    Troops were finally paid for their labor by the efforts made by Robert Morris and Haym Solomon, who raised the money.
  • The Battle of Yorktown

    Lafayett's plan went smoothly leading to Cornwallis to surrender to the battle.
  • The White Flag Of Submission

    In a road near Yorktown, stood the American and French troops standing proudly to witness the formal surrender of the British.
  • Acceptance of British Surrendering

    Acceptance of British Surrendering
    American troops were finally able to prevail over the British forces. The representative of General Cornwallis surrenders his sword, thus ending the Revolutionary War.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    This treay justified America's independence as a new nation no longer under the control of the British. Although in the future there were negative effects caused by the Treaty of Paris.