Election day 01

unit 4&5 unit jefferson erat unit 5 jackson era

  • mabary v madison supream court decison

    mabary v madison supream court decison
    It is a land mark case in united states law from mabury petitioned the supreme court whose commission basis for the exerise landmarks john Marshell as cheif juke denined unconstitutionual.
  • lousina purchase

    lousina purchase
    The lousisna marked one of the largest land transactions at the end of french and idian wars of 1763 france lost all possessions san domingo its carribenn island it lumber shipping goods eastward.
  • election of 1800

    election of 1800
    somwtimes the election is referred to as the ''revolution of 1800''. the central issues included a bitter rematch of the 1796 election. Congress to pay for mobilization of the pro french and pro decent relization rebublicans newspaper.
  • lewis and clark reach the pacific ocean

    lewis and clark reach the pacific ocean
    They the crops of volunteers for north western belived that the north american continet could be crossed on a ladder of rivers in NorthWest Passage. captions meri wether lewis (1774 - 1809) missouri river they carried maps indicating that the "Ridge of Hills" at the continetal pivide.
  • treaty of ghent

    treaty of ghent
    On December 24 of 1814 the members of the british and american negoting terms realesed all prisonars and re storted all war lands and boats. the treaty who made no major changes in article lx regording the indians an idain buffer zone.
  • andrew jackson elected president 1st term

    andrew jackson elected president 1st term
    He was the military govenor of pre adimisson flordia 1121.Andrew Jackson worked for a time in a saddle maker shop. Jackson recived a sporadic education in the local field school. Jackson was the last us president to have been a vetern.