10 or More Times When Katniss Recieves Help

By mkb9496
  • 11 years old-Peeta Gives Bread

    The first time Katniss recieves help in the book is when she was 9 and Peeta threw out burnt bread to her. This was because she was starving and was digging through the trash of the bakery. Peeta did it even though he got in trouble for it.
  • 12 years old-Hunger Games Gives Tesserae

    Katniss signs up for tesseraeelped her family fight starvation. It wasn't a lot but tesserae provided Katniss's family with a small amount of grain and oil. In a way, the Hunger Games actually helped Katniss by providing the tesserae in exchange for her name in the box more.
  • 16 years old-Gale & Mr. Mellark make a Promise

    After Katniss volunteers for her sister she is visited by four people, two of which promise to take care of her family, and make sure they're fed. It was Gale and Peeta's father, Mr. Mellark who made the promise.
  • 16 years old-Haymitch Trains Katniss

    Haymitch helped Katniss prepare and train for the Hunger Games. He taught her new skills and strategies that would help her live.
  • 16 years old-Cinna

    Throughout the weeks of training and interviews, Cinna made Katniss look extravagant and outshine all the other tributes. This helped Katniss get noticed by the audience getting her fans and potential sponsors.
  • 16 years old-Judges Give Good Score

    The judges gave Katniss a score of 11 in the training center showing people she was a good fighter, This helped her to get sponsors and get noticed by the crowd.
  • 16 years old-Peeta Pronounces His Love

    Peeta tells the audience that he loves Katniss, which makes her seem like a much softer person than she actually is. This also makes the audience pity the two and want them to be together. It possesses a star-crossed lovers angle that makes the audience pay attention to them.
  • 16 years old-Rue Saves Katniss

    Rue helps Katniss when she has to hide up in the tree by telling her about the tracker-jackers. When Rue tells Katniss about the tracker-jackers Katniss realizes she is able to drop them on the Careers, to save herself. Also Rue shows Katniss helpful plants to eat and becomes Katniss's ally.
  • 16 years old-Peeta Saves Katniss

    Peeta keeps Cato and the other Careers away from Katniss, when she can't defend herself. While protecting her he even gets himself badly hurt, but he loves Katniss.
  • 16 years old-Gamemakers & Caesar Flickerman Make Changes

    The Gamemakers changed the rules and Caesar Flickerman announced that two tributes could win the Games. This gave Peeta and Katniss hope that they could win the Hunger Games together.
  • 16 years old-Haymitch Gives Gifts

    During the Games Haymitch gives Katniss gifts that help save her life. Sometimes he would give gifts in exchange for her keeping up with the star-crossed lovers angle that she and Peeta are supposed to be.
  • 16 years old-Thresh Saves Katniss

    Thresh saves Katniss's life by killing Clove when Clove is about to kill Katniss. He does this in honor of his district for her trying to help Rue, the other tribute from his district.