10 most important events leading up to the Declaration of independence

  • 10. Stamp Act

    The English annouced a tax on most papers, such as; newspapers, playing cards and other items. This is important because it caused anger to the colonies.
  • 9. Townshed Duties

    The English added more taxes on the colonies on imports of lead, glass, paint, paper and tea. What makes this important is it also angered the colonies because they did not like the ruling of Great Britan and yet they are still taxing them.
  • 8.Boston Massacre

    the English flooded Boston, soldiers fired killing five and wounding six others. this is important because it leads to Committee of Correspondence in 1772.
  • 7.Tea Act

    The East India Tea Company to export tea straight to the 13 colonies. This was important because they did not want to get taxed.
  • 6.Intolerable Acts

    This made some people being tried for a crime to have to go to England for trial, troops in the homes of citizens and the king to appoint members of the Governor's counsel.Making this a big event because it showed England was still encharge.
  • 5. First Continental Congress

    Colonies made a congress, they sent a message to King George III saying the colonists were loyal to him, but he must respect their rules. This was important because it showed how they can handle themselves, also the Congress decided to stop trading with England until they were allowed to take part in governing themselves.
  • 4. Lexington and Concord

    British sent 700 soldiers to Concord to stop the colonies from building an army. this was important because as they passed through Lexington a shot was fired, cause everyone to start shooting, the British lost and there were 73 killed, 174 wounded and 26 soldiers missing.
  • 3.Second Continental Congress

    All colonies were represented. Also, this was important because George Washington was chosen Commander-in-Chief.
  • 2. Common Sense

    A book by Tom Paine was published saying that King George III was not a very good king and it was time for the colonies to break away from England. This is important because it was foreshadowing the break from England.
  • 1.

    Congress used the words of Richard Henry Lee of Virginia "that these United Colonies are, and ought to be free and independent states; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain, is, and ought to be, totally dissolved."