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0-6 Months

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    0-6 Months

  • Intellectual Development

    Intellectual Development
    At two months, baby begins to develop motor skills
    Learn to moves head and eyes, then legs and arms
    Baby will explore mom’s body with hands
    Baby will look in mirror longer and explore objects
    Baby can recognize bottle and breast
  • Emotional Development

    Emotional Development
    Baby begins to form attachment Infants come to trust that their needs for nutrition, comfort and closeness will be met. Baby will smile at faces Infants self soothe themselves with sucking Infants in this age group will start to display their moods through their facial expressions and cries.
  • Physical Development

    Physical Development
    • 1-2 months, baby can lift head when on stomach
    • 3-4 months, baby can lift chest when on stomach
    • 5-6 baby sits erect when propped up -Rooting Reflex= When newborn cheek is stroked they turn their head toward the touch and open their moth and start sucking in search of food. -Grasping= When the inside of the palm is stroked baby will grasp finger tightly
  • Social Development

    Social Development
    Baby come to trust that their need for nutrition, comfort, and closeness are met.
    Baby will self soothe with sucking
    Baby will begin to smile at familiar faces
    Baby will display moods with facial expression and crying
    Coo and gurgle
    Cries to communicate pain, fear, discomfort or loneliness
    Loves to be touched and held
    Responds to peek-a-boo games