• War starts

    War starts
    Zleta see's and finds out about war. The first sight of a real sad and hard time!
  • terrible war

    terrible war
    This is the worst day of Zlatas life, the war has started but there is just one more thing the shooting ha started as well, Zlata is young and does not know how to handle something so terrible and big in her life, that may last for a long time.
  • Shooting started

    Shooting started
    Shooting just started and " I cant go outside."
  • School's are closed

    School's are closed
    All of the schools are closed! Now Zlata is really feeling traped in side her house. All she wants to do is leve to a safe place.
  • Going to visit Braco

    Going to visit Braco
    "Mommy is going to visit Braco in the hospital!" Braco is trying to recover from the big
  • Nina's death

    Nina's death
    Nina has know died! Nina was only eleven years old of age. It's very sad, people are starting to die every were i look.
  • Zlata goes out

    Zlata goes out
    Zlata is going into the real world for the first rime, when the war has died down! BUt Zlata cold only go out for a limited amount of time.
  • Frends are now gone

    Frends are now gone
    All of Zlata's Friends are now gone, Every one wants to go to another place were it does not have the war involved. People are all leavign Saravejo
  • Nothing is right

    Nothing is right
    When ZALTA looks outside she would think "I want to go outside and hanf with my firnds" but she cant the only thing that she can do is sit in one room, with no food, and hope everything will be normal soon.
  • All going bad

    All going bad
    Boom, Boom glass is breaking, people are leaving and people and kids are hungry along with thirsty, and dead on the road.
  • Zlata's dad is no longer working

    Zlata's dad  is no longer working
    Zlata's dad is not working anymore, he is trying to help and take care of his family. He wants everyone to tay and keep living.
  • Don't Feel the same

    Don't Feel the same
    Zlata is now feelign caged and scared, as if she can't get out of the scary and unsafe place she is in. All Zlata wants is to leave the war, and make it all stop.
  • I want everything to be the same

    I want everything to be the same
    Zlata is upset because nothing is right, she wants everything to be normal. Zlatas dad does not have a job, they dont have any food, nothing could go worse!!
  • No food or water to live off of

    No food or water to live off of
    There is no longer any food or water to live off of. They are trying to save the little food that they have left. All they want is for the war to be over.
  • Cici has died

    Cici has died
    Zlata's cat CICI has died now and she is very sad. Zlata's family can no longer feed to animals, because they can't find any food.