Zlata's Diary Timeline

By mmills
  • The war started

    The war started
    The war started in Dubrovnik. The war is getting closer to Sarajevo.
  • Bombing in Sarajevo

    Bombing in Sarajevo
    They are going to bomb Sarajevo soon. They are all worried at whats going to happen to them.
  • Slobo is sick

    Slobo is very sick and he is in the hospital. He has fallen ill from grief. All of his family has left him.
  • No school

    All the schools are closed in Sarajevo because of the war. Zlata wants to go to school, but now she can't.
  • President gets kidnapped

    President gets kidnapped
    When they heard the main post office was burned down, they heard that the president gets kidnapped.
  • Nina died

    Nina died
    Zlata's friend Nina died because she got hit by shrapnel.
    Nina was Zlatas best friend and they were friends since kindergarten.
  • Braco is in the hospital

    Braco is in the hospital
    Mommy went to see Braco in the hospital. He is alive, but is very, badly wounded.
  • Regular food

    Regular food
    She hasn't eaten regular food for a while. Now she is eating fresh cheeries of a tree.
  • No electricity or water

    There is no electricity or water and there won't be for a while. They won't be able to drink fresh water or have electricity now.
  • Journalist are here to see the dairy

    Journalists, reporters, and radio crews from all overr the world have come to see Mimmy. Mimmy is Zlata's dairy. They want to publish the diary.
  • Cici died

    Cici died
    Zlata's cat, Cici died. So many important things in Zlata's life are all gone now.
  • No more letters

    No more letters
    No more letters are coming from anybody anymore. Nobody is getting mail.
  • In Paris

    In Paris
    Zlata, her mom, and her dad are all in Paris. They are all safe now. They moved to Paris all because of Mimmy.