Zlata's Diary

By amore
  • Zlata sees pictures of Dubrovnik at war

    Zlata feels really bad for the people who are getting shot in Dubrovnik. She did not know that the war would come to Sarajevo. They have no water, no phones, no tv and no electricity in Dubrovnik. People have to stay in shelters because of the shelling.
  • War begins in Sarajevo

    The shooting starts in Sarajevo and the war begins. "You can hear gunfire from the hills." Zlata said, "Mimmy I am afraid of the war!!"
  • Nina dies

    "A shell fell on the park in front of my house." "Alot of people were hurt." Nina died because a piece of shrapnel lodged in her brain killing her.
  • Uncle Braco gets shot and is in the hospital

    "Mommy went to see Braco in the hospital today." He had surgery and has metal rods in his knee. He is one of the lucky ones because he will survive.
  • Most of her friends leave Sarajevo

    " Almost all of my friends have left." The phones are no longer working, so we can not talk to each other. Many of the people that my parents know have been killed. " Oh, God what is happening here???"
  • Daddy has a hernia

    "Daddy has a hernia." "He's lost a lot of weight and carrying the water was too much for him."The doctor said that he cannot carry anything heavy anymore.
  • First Christmas in wartime

    " Today is Christmas. Christmas in wartime." They tried to make it special for the kids. When they started to hand out presents, the children began pushing and fighting for them. " I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get anything."
  • Slobo is very sick

    "Slobo is very sick." My parents went to visit him in the hospital and he is getting worse. "They say he doesn't look well or feel well. They mentioned some kind of radiation. I really feel sorry for Slobo!"
  • Nedo left

    Nedo left last night, he went to Austria to stay with his girlfriend."He came at around eight o'clock last night to have our picture taken together and say goodbye." This time he is not coming back.
  • Promotion day

    Today I took part of my diary to cafe Jez. It was packed with people,reporters and cameras. They took my picture. " The only thing I want to say to everyone is: PEACE!"
  • No electricity, no water, no nothing

    "There was no shooting, but there's no electricity or water. THERE IS GAS!YESSS!" We have been living without electricity, water and bread for three months now. "Every day is hard."
  • Nedo is gettting married today

    Zlata and her family had a party in honor of Nedo's marriage even though he is in Vienna, Austria. "But we were with him in our thoughts and wished him and Amna every happiness."
  • Our family leaves

    Our family keeps leaving Sarajevo,Auntie Radmila and Uncle Tomo left forever. My mommy is very sad, she only has Auntie Ivanka left. " And so, Mimmy, our friends are leaving. We say goodbye to them and we stay behind."
  • A wartime marriage

    My mom and I went to attend a wartime marriage. Everything happened very fast. " The registrar rushed everything so much that I couldn't get what was happening."
  • Cease fire?

    There is talk of a cease fire. People at the Sarajevo airport are supposed to sign a paper "FOR PEACE." There have been many of these truces and yet there is fighting. "All I know is the result of their little games is 15,000 dead in Sarajevo, 3,000 of them children."