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In Film
  • Sound

    Live performances or recording were used. It was hard to get the timing correctly. This includes dialogue, narration and songs.
  • Color

    Color was first added by coloring on the black and white. Natural color was capture in 1935 with the fist all color film.
  • Chroma Key

    Chroma Key
    The visual effect created when two different images or videos are composited together. Also known as a green screen.
  • Lightweight Camera Gear

    Lightweight Camera Gear
    Camera equipment became easily movable and compact. Actors no longer had to shoot on a set. A shot cold be taken anywhere.
  • Television

    Politics enter the common American house. John F Kennedy's debate as broadcasted all over America.
  • Steadicam

    A counterweight was added to cameras in 1976. This made a smooth shot while moving over irregular terrain.
  • The Invention of CD

    The Invention of CD
    Movies could be kept on cd and therefore would not need tape. It movies use less recourses.
  • Internet

    With the invention of the Internet, Movies became more accessible. This also was the the start piracy.
  • Computer Generated Imagery

    Computer Generated Imagery
    Computers are used to make images of something you can not film. This lead animated movies.
  • 3D Television

    3D Television
    Household televisions became 3D. This opened the option of watching 3D movies at home.
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    History of Film