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History and Development of Horror Film Industry

  • 'First Monster Movie released'- The Golem

    'First Monster Movie released'- The Golem
    The Golem was the first ever monster movie which was silent. It was based on the Jewish legend in Medieval Prague.
  • Very First Vampire film released- Nosferatu

    Very First Vampire film released- Nosferatu
    Nosferatu plagiarised the novel of Dracula.
  • Release of Frankenstein

    Release of Frankenstein
  • Release of The Mummy

    Release of The Mummy
  • Release of King Kong which become the 'Quintessential Monster Movie'

    Release of King Kong which become the 'Quintessential Monster Movie'
    King Kong become hugely successful upon release and was therefore known as the 'Quintessential Monster Movie'. King Kong was a fairytale with a twist of horrow which made it so successful. The film saved RKO from financial ruin because of the success it made. King Kong has been re-made twice although it does not have the same affect as the original.
  • Horror Movies were banned in Britain

    Horror movies seen as American products and was banned in Britain in the 1940's.
  • Release of The Wolf Man

    Release of The Wolf Man
    This film includes several Wolf legends which included spectacular make-up affects. The Wolf Man was set in contemporary Wales.
  • Release of Cat People

    Release of Cat People
    This is a psychological thriller about a young woman who is cursed.
  • Horror films developed; science & technology

    Horror films in the 1950's developed to be purely about science and technology. This was an accurate reflection of reality for the confused population.
  • Mutant films were popular

    In the 1950's films contained mutant characters, i.e monsters. For excample, Godzilla.
  • Release of Plan 9 From Outer Space

    Release of Plan 9 From Outer Space
    This film contained mutant characters, such as aliens which was typical of the genre at the time. Howeverm Plan 9 From Outer Space was thought to be the 'Worst Film Ever Made'.
  • Release of House on Haunted Hill

    Release of House on Haunted Hill
    This film was a low budget shocker/thriller.
  • Release of The Wasp Woman

    Release of The Wasp Woman
    This film was a story of a scientist which was developing at this stage. However, the special effects used were seen as a let down.
  • A Big change in what People perceived to be Horror

    The sexual revolution occured where sex and violence was present in horror films. Along with this, ghost stories hit the screen with black and white photography and minimal special effects.
  • Release of Psycho

    Release of Psycho
    This film displayed use of a monster who was so close to normality.
  • Release of Carnival of Souls

    Release of Carnival of Souls
    This film gave an eerie experience to the audience.
  • Release of The Birds

    Release of The Birds
    The Birds was a film aimed for an adult audience.
  • The Castle of Otranto novel by Horace Walpole released

    The Castle of Otranto novel by Horace Walpole released
    The novel shows concentions of the Traditional Gothic genre. E.g. supernatural and mystery. This is the point where the term 'horror' first come into play.
  • Release of Night of the Living Dead

    Release of Night of the Living Dead
    Zombies become present in horror movies, for exmple in Night of the Living Dead the horror came from out of the water. Also this film contained excellent make-up special affects.
  • Horror films bgan to reflect the grim mood of the Decade

  • Release of The Exorcist

    Release of The Exorcist
    The Exoricist was deemed 'Scariest Movie of All Time' and was banned release in the UK until 1999 because of the content which in fact caused outrage. This film brough interlectual respect back to the horror genre. The special effects in The Exorcist are amazing and was therefore awarded an Oscar for sound. Along with this, the film has been nominated for 10 Oscars.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    This film was seen as brutally realistic due to the domestic violence it contained. However, this film was banned for 20 years in the UK.
  • Release of The Stepford Wives

    Release of The Stepford Wives
    This is a satirical thriller which is spookily submissive. Stepford is seen as idyllic, with a large house, white middle classed women who are happy and content who would do anything for their husbands and children.
  • Release of Jaws

    Release of Jaws
    Jaws was both shot and edited in 23 days. Jaws built on mainstream eppetite as a monster was displayed although it was neither human or supernatural- it was real. This built up suspence and menace. Jaws began the era of modern Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Release of Halloween

    Release of Halloween
    Halloween was a low budget masterpiece which contained very little blood. This film relied purly on shock and suspense.
  • Monsters finally come out of the closet

    In 1980's Horror films there was an existence of aliens. Finally they were revealed on screen by the use of close ups to show their special effects.
  • There became more bariations on slasher genre/theme

    Slasher films with 'killings' had a wider variation which were aimed at niche audiences.
  • Release of A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Release of A Nightmare on Elm Street
    This took place in ordinary places in order for it to have a sense of realism. Each killing was like a mini-movie due to the separate location, i.e the school corridoor and the bedroom. The special effects of this film look terrible today.
  • Release of Child's Play

    Release of Child's Play
    This film put a spin on slasher films. This is because the serial killer was a doll and not a man or a monster as seen in previous horror films. Chucky (the doll) became an iconic character.
  • Psycholohical thrillers vs Horror

    Psychological thrillers took over horror in the first half of the 1990's. The 1990's presented monsters which were far more mundane, less interesting and quite dull. Psychological thrillers took over horrors for some time in the 1990's.
  • Wes Craven's New Nightmare

    Wes Craven's New Nightmare
    This film seemed to lack raw shock value compared to the orginal.
  • Release of Se7en

    Release of Se7en
    The script was based around the number seven. This film was seen as a masterpiece by many people and therefore deserves special attention.
  • Release of Scream

    Release of Scream
    Scream was similar to other slashers as it was based on a bunch of high school students. This lame horror comedy was preferred by the target audience of teens. Scream scored major box office success and made $161 million worldwide. At the end of the 1990's the slasher/killer in films was played out as a horror trope.
  • Horror movies of the late 1990s predicted disastrous things for a turn of the Century

    These films were contemporary horror and deemed as frightening.
  • Release of Final Destination

    Release of Final Destination
    This is a teen focused horror movie which made sequels. Death in these films is seen as real, domestic and mundane. There are less masked cartoonish character which killers with supernatural powers as that is now seen as something of the past.
  • Horror films in 2005 topped the Box Office

    Horror films topped the box office through being above average grossand below average costs. For this to occur it meant that the monsters have had to change.