Media Coursework Progress

  • Preliminary task

    Preliminary task
    YoutubeWe created a short clip of someone walking into a room sitting down and having a short conversation to test our skills in match on action and shot reverse shot, along with the 180 degree rule.
  • Period: to

    Film Opening Titles

  • Representation task

    Representation task
    In groups we took photos to represent teenagers and use different angles/ props to give a different perception of them. I also used the internet to research British TV dramas and collage images showing stereotypes and countertypes.
  • Parrallel editing task

    Parrallel editing task
    YoutubeWe were given stock clips to edit together, testing our skills in parrallel editing. We were also given some stock shots to edit together and change the atmoshphere of the short film.
  • Opening title deconstructions

    Opening title deconstructions
    I completed the time consuming task of deconstructing 7 film opening titles; 5 in great detail and 2 in a briefer nature.
  • BBFC research

    BBFC research
    I read through and made notes on the BBFC guidelines and concluded that my film will be rated around age 12.
  • Opening mindmap

    Opening mindmap
    I created a prezi illustrating 3 ideas I had for my film titles.
  • Film company research

    Film company research
    I researched into 3 film companies and what films they fund,the purpose of this was to figure out which film company may fund my film, if I was to make it.
  • Film company name and logo

    Film company name and logo
    I brainstormed and concluded a name for my film company and I also created 3 logos to choose from for my film company.
  • Short film pitch

    Short film pitch
    A short film pitch was produced to summarise my film in a few mere sentences.
  • Costume research

    Costume research
    Through research I figured out a suitable the costume for my main character and justified its appearance in my film.
  • Recce shots

    Recce shots
    I photographed the locations I will be filming in and justified them.
  • Main titles

    Main titles
    I discussed and brainstprmed ideas for my main titles and researched into exisiting ones.
  • Target audience research

    Target audience research
    Using YOUGOVElite I looked into my target audiences interests, age and location based on films of the same genre as mine.
  • Audience research

    Audience research
    I looked into 4 films of a similar genre to mine and assessed the target audiences expectations and critices of films.
  • Target audience interview

    Target audience interview
    I produced a script ready to interview 4 peopel and explore my target audience.
  • Storyboard for opening

    Storyboard for opening
    I created the storyboard for my film opening.
  • Sound effects

    Sound effects
    I found sound effects suitable for my opening online, un-copyrighted.
  • Character names and film title

    Character names and film title
    On my blog I discussed the names of my characters- justifying the symbolism of their names. I also explained my film title and its origins.
  • Props

    I made the props for my Napolean Dynomite inspired titles.
  • Jib and slider testing

    Jib and slider testing
    Jib testing We tried out some of the equiptment in sixth form and had the chance to decide whether we would like to use them for our final production.
  • Audience research summary

    Audience research summary
    I reviewed my audience research before filming to remid myself what my audience want. I sumarised my findings in bar charts and pie charts.
  • Greenscreen editing

    Greenscreen editing
    YoutubeThe class experienced a short workshop in greenscreening and we had the chace to greenscreen ourselves into a video of our choice.
  • Un-successful filming

    Un-successful filming
    I attempted to film my outdoors shots, which sadly failed due to adverese weather, however I can to a solution which i included in my evaluation.
  • Started editing my final production

    Started editing my final production
  • Copyright

    When reaching the editing stage I was concerned with the copyrighting of the Budweiser label used in my titles. I contacted the Budweiser brand to ask permission to use their label in my titles.
  • Mock stills

    Mock stills
    I took some stills to experiment with what I will be doing in my final media production.
  • Finished editing

    Finished editing
    I finished editing my final piece and rendered it to be saved
  • Started evaulation of film

    Started evaulation of film
    I started to answer questions presnted and evaluiate my film opening
  • Filmed evaluation

    Filmed evaluation