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Clint Eastwood

  • Birth

    He was born in San Francisco, California, in 31 of may of 1930
  • Period: to

    Clint Eastwood

  • Play the piano

    Teaches himself to write music and play the piano.
  • Acting debut

    Makes acting debut in a Junior High School play.
  • Graduates

    Graduates from High School in Oakland, California.
  • Several jobs

    Works several odd jobs including one at a lumber yard in Oregon and one as a life guard in Washington.
  • Small roles

    He had various small roles in such films as Tarantula, Revenge of the creature, lady godiva, and francis in the navy.
  • more works

    He still worked for universal, he participated in minor parts of "Never Say Goodbye", "The first travelling saleslady" and "star in the dust".
  • Little acting works

    Gets acting work doing commercials, and appearing in various guest television roles.
  • First TV serie

    He participated in his first TV seria "Rawhide". He interpreted a secundary character.
  • Pop single

    Records a pop single called "Cowboy Wedding Song" for Cameo Records.
  • Another single

    Records another single called "Unknown Girl" for Gothic Records.
  • Guest appearance

    Makes a guest appearance on the television show, Mr. Ed, playing himself.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly

    The western classic The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly is released this year. It is the final film in which Eastwood represents "The Man With No Name."
  • His own film production

    Creates Malpaso Productions, his own film production company.
  • Dirty Harry

    In the "Dirty Harry" films he was a cop called Harry Callahan. This role, among others, has made him an icon of masculinity.
  • Golden Globe Award

    Hollywood Foreign Press Association honors Clint with a Golden Globe Award as the world's top movie star. His next film marks his directorial debut, the psychological thriller "Play Misty For Me".
  • Restaurant and daughter

    Opens the restaurant Hog's Breath Inn, Carmel, California. His daughter, Alison Eastwood, is born on 22nd of May.
  • Director and actor

    Directs himself once again in the mystical western High Plains Drifter.
  • 3rd harry callahan flick

    Releases The Enforcer (the 3rd Harry Callahan flick).
  • Apocalypse Now

    Turns down the lead role in the film, Apocalypse Now.
  • Escape from Alcatraz

    Releases Escape From Alcatraz, Eastwood's fifth and final film directed by Don Siegel. Separates with his first wife Maggie.
  • Achievement

    Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from The People's Choice Awards.
  • Films

    Stars in the films Firefox and Honky Tonk Man.
  • Go ahead, make my day

    "Go ahead, make my day!" was the catch phrase this year when the fourth Dirty Harry film, Sudden Impact, was released.
  • signature

    Places hand prints and signature in cement in front of the Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.
  • New york times magazine

    Goes back to the genre that first made him famous with the western hit "Pale Rider". Directs an episode of the Steven Spielberg television series "Amazing Stories."
    Makes the cover of The New York Times Magazine.
  • Runs for mayor of Carmel

    Runs for Mayor of Carmel, California, and wins! His salary - $200.00 a month. The film Heartbreak Ridge is released in the midst of a slight controversy. The Marine Corps, which co-operated entirely throughout the filming, became dismayed at what they felt were inaccuracies in the practices of the Marine personnel and boycotted the film's premiere.
  • Lifetime achievement

    Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
  • Harry Callahan returns

    Harry Callahan returns in the fifth and final Dirty Harry film, The Dead Pool. Directs the critically acclaimed film, Bird, starring Forest Whitaker, and wins a Golden Globe Award for Best Director. Voted People's Choice All-Time Favorite Movie Celebrity.
  • Pink Cadillac

    Looking to regain the "Every Which But Loose" audience, Clint stars in Pink Cadillac. Unfortuantely the audience doesn't show up.
  • The Rookie

    Clint releases what was supposed to be a sure-fire hit, The Rookie, co-starring Charlie Sheen.
  • Award

    He was awarded as the best director and for the best picture in the western film "Unforgiven" and he was nominated for the best actor.
  • The bridges of madison county

    Directs and stars in the hit, The Bridges of Madison County.
  • Clint's youngest child

    On March 31st is married to Dina Ruiz, a television news anchor from California. Clint's youngest child, Morgan, is born on December 12, 1996.
  • Midnight in the garden of good and evil

    Directs the film, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. This marks Clint Eastwood's 20th film as Director.
  • True Crime

    Directs and stars in True Crime.
  • Space Cowboys

    Space Cowboys is released. Wins Career Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.
  • Blood work

    Directs and stars in Blood Work.
  • Mystic River

    Directs Mystic River, which wins numerous awards and accolades, including Academy Awards for two of its stars, Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.
  • Million Dollar Baby

    Directs and stars in Million Dollar Baby, acclaimed by many as one of the best pictures of the year.
  • Academy Awards

    Million Dollar Baby wins 4 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Director
  • Clint's mother dies

    Margaret Ruth Runner, Clint's mother, dies at age 97
  • Gran Torino

    Receives the Venice film Festival Golden Lion award for Lifetime Achievement.
    He directs and stars in Gran Torino
  • Dina

    Divorce from wife Dina