Computer Animation

  • Graphic output

    Graphic output
    on earliest computer. Image from George Dyson's TED talk.
  • Sketchpad

    by Ivan Sutherland at MIT. Notable as early research in computer graphics. Image from YouTube video on Sketchpad.
  • Hummingbird

    by artist Chuck Csuri at Ohio State Univ. First representational animation. Previous to this, artists such as Lilian Schwartz and xxx used computer graphic displays to animate abstract designs.
  • Kittie

    by Nikolay Konstantinov; Animation recorded a single frame at a time from printer paper output. published in: Problemy Kibernetiki (Russian: Problems in Cybernetics), 28, 1974, pp. 193-209
  • Not Just Reality

    Not Just Reality
    by Barry Wessler at Univ. of Utah. Show figure walking, gesturing and talking. Ahead of its time. It took many years before character animation surpassed this.
  • Talking Face

    Talking Face
    by Fred Parke
  • Hunger

    produced by Rene Jodoin at the National Film Board of Canada. First computer-animated film to be nominated for Academy Award.
  • Arabesque

    Example of early artistic abstract computer animation. by John Whitney, programmed by Larry Cuba
  • Futrue World

    Film showing some of Utah's graphics on displays in futuristic lab (using graphics as 'graphics')
  • The Works

    The Works
    at NYIT (date approximate). Never finished as far as I know. It showed an ant-type character in a large mechanical vehicle.
  • Star Wars

    Star Wars
    CG special effects showing line drawing display of the Death Star to the pilots (using graphics as 'graphics'). Produced by software called GRASS developed by Tom DeFanti at Ohio State Univ. and used by Larry Cuba for this film.
  • Alien

    Used 3D graphics display
  • Looker

    Film about computer synthesized character taking over for real actors - a story way ahead of its time. Shows synthetic scan of Susan Dey.
  • TRON

    MAGI, III, Robert Able and Assoc., Digital Productions collaborated to make this film about users being transported to 'inside a computer'. First film to make extensive use of computer graphics as an integral part of the environment that action takes place in.
  • SGI

    Founded by Jim Clark initially to make 3D graphic displays
  • Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

    Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
    Uses a particle system for the Genesis Effect
  • The Last Starfighter

    The Last Starfighter
    First use of CG environment - switches to CG for outter space flights of spaceship.
  • Brilliance

    TV commercial for canned foods by Robert Abel and Assoc. Developed motion capture technology for human-like robot
  • The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.

    The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.
    at film by John Lasseter at LucasFilm. Uses motion blur and particle system plants
  • Tony de Peltrie

    Tony de Peltrie
    by P. Bergeron at Univ. of Montreal. One of first extensive uses of facial animation.
  • Luxo Jr.

    Luxo Jr.
    Early Pixar (Lucas Film) animation by John Lasseter. Nominated for Academy Award
  • Young Sherlock Holmes

    Young Sherlock Holmes
    First use of a CG character in a film.
  • Jack

    by Norm Badler at U. Penn (date approximate)
  • Red's Dream

    Red's Dream
    Pixar animation by John Lasseter
  • Rendez-vous a Montreal

    by Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann and Daniel Thalmann at the Univ. of Montreal. One of earliest attempts at recreating specific people - in this case Bogart and Monroe
  • Tin Toy

    Tin Toy
    Pixar animation by John Lasseter. First computer animation to win Academy Award for Animated Short. Beat out Technological Threat.
  • Technological Threat

    Technological Threat
    About technology taking over jobs of people. Nominated for Academy Award.
  • Knick Knack

    Knick Knack
    Pixar animation by John Lasseter. Nominated for an Academy Award
  • The Abyss

    The Abyss
    Used implicit surfaces to construct a 'face' on the underwater blobby lifeforms.
  • Bragger in Beantown

    Bragger in Beantown
    by John Chadwick at Ohio State Univ. (date approximate). First (?) use of multi-layered approach (seleton-muscle-skin) to character animation. Used FFDs as an exo-muscular system.
  • Terminator II: Judgement Day

    Terminator II: Judgement Day
    Aka T2. First extensive use of CG special effects in a movie.
  • Jurrasic Park

    Jurrasic Park
  • Toy Story

    Toy Story
  • Jumanji

    CG of real animals - meeting the challenge of animating creatures for which there were specific expectations by the audience.
  • Geri's Game

    Geri's Game
    Pixar animation. Technical Director: Dave Haumann
  • Star Wars: Episod I

    Star Wars: Episod I
    Jar-Jar Binks - First featured CG character in live action film
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
    Most advanced human figures used in film.
  • Shrek

    First awardee of Academy Award for Best Animated Feature