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Film Production

  • Film Development

    Film Development
    What is film development?
    This is the first stage where the ideas for the film are created. This is when the screenplay is written, and the characters are decided. Financing for the product is sought.
  • Period: to

    Film Production Process

  • Film Treatment

    Film Treatment
    Explain what film treatment is.
    This is a first draft of a screenplay for a film. It is usually longer than an outline, and more detailed. It can also include directions.
  • Film Package

    Film Package
    What elements make up a "Film Package"?
    It means getting together all your cast and props together. It also means making the advertising campaign and finding the director for your film. A good cast/director will raise financing for your film.
  • Development Hell

    What is "Development Hell"?
    Development hell is when a film or other project remains in development without progressing to production. It takes a long time to begin work on it, or it never gets started at all.
  • What kind of companies invest in movie production in the USA and UK?

    Businesses that would like a bit more money or recognition invest in movie production. They know that most of the best films come out of the UK or the USA, and so invest in something they know will be worthwhile.
  • Pre-Production

    What is pre-production?
    Pre-production is the process of preparing everything involved in the film. Pre-production ends when the planning ends and producing begins.
  • Casting Process

    Casting Process
    Describe the casting process.
    It involves a seroes of auditions infront of a panel (producer, director, writer etc). In the early stages, auditionees may make an auditon tape to show, but in the later stages a group of actors may have to attempt some of the actual film script. Casting calls may go out to the public, professional actors or leading role actors depending on the film.
  • Production Design

    Production Design
    What is Production Design?
    It is when the producer, production designer and director all work together to decide the settings and style to visually tell the story of the film. They have to work out everything that is going to happen on-screen and what it will look like. They sketch out what it will all look like.
  • Storyboarding

    What is a storyboard and what elements can it include?
    Storyboarding is a simple way of showing what your film will visually look like. It roughly shows what is going on in the scene, and can include cast names, stage directions, which shots you're using, what props to use and if made on a computer can include sound effects too.
  • Location Recce

    Location Recce
    What is location recce?
    It is a pre-filming visit to a location to work out its suitability for shooting, including assessment of any potential issues with the light, sound or how it's being filmed.
  • Principal Photography

    Principal Photography
    What is principal photography?
    This is when the movie is filmed with all the cast on set and the cameras rolling. It is the most expensive part of film production.
  • Cinematography

    Explain the role of the cinematographer.
    Also known as the director of photography, a cinematographer is usually head of the camera department and will lead the camera crew. He/she will tell them what to film and how to film to maintain continuity, They may operate the cameras, but they don't always,
  • A typical day on set

    A typical day on set
    Describe a typical day on a film set or location.
    Every day on a filming set may be different, but a typical day starts at 7am. The crew first head to the location and set up the equipment needed to film. Actors makeup is done. Stand-ins help light the first shot, and then rehearsals can begin for the actors. This usually takes about half an hour, then the first shot can be done. They keep shooting the same scene until the director is happy, and then begin rehearsals for the next scene.
  • Takes

    What does the 1st AD and Director shout before each take and at the end of each take?
    The cinematographer says 'set' to let everyone know set is ready, then the director shouts 'roll sound'.The camera operator yells 'rolling' when the camera is rolling and then the 1st AD shouts 'slate'. The slate oeperator reads out the scene number and then the director says 'action'. If it was a good take, the director shouts 'cut' and they move onto the next scene.
  • Post-Production

    What is post-production?
    It is the work done on a movie after filming/recording has taken place. For example, editing and adding sounds.
  • The Editor

    The Editor
    What responsibilities does the editor have?
    The editor removes all the unneeded things of the filmed bits, and fits all the good bits together. He captures the directors vision and tells the story through how he edits. He has to sit through hours of footage, and trim them to the lengths needed for the film. Editors also add music, sound effects and improve the sound of the dialogue.
  • Sound Design

    Sound Design
    A sound designer is the the person who adds, changes or improves the sound on a film.
  • Foley Artist

    Foley Artist
    A foley artist recreates the sounds actors make on set,to improve the sound. They also record other sounds called 'specifics' where they will do things like hit two coconuts together to create the sound of a horse running, or amshing fruit on concrete to sound like a punch.
  • Sound Recordings

    Sound Recordings
    How is sound recorded and added to a film?
    Sound can be recorded whilst filming, so it is already on the scene, or it can be pre-recorded to make the quality of the sound better. It is then added to the film by the sound editor, or the film editor so it is put in the correct place.
  • Distribution Territory

    Distribution Territory
    What is a distribution territory?
    This is the countries in which the film will be shown.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Integration

    What is vertical and horizontal integration and how can it help a movie?
    Vertical integration is when an institution has shares or owns each part of the production and distribution process. Horizontal Integration is where an organisation develops by buying their competitors in the same section of the market, for example a music producer buying other smaller music producers.
  • Release dates

    Release dates
    What is a release date and why is it significant?
    A release date is the date in which a film will be released to the public. It is announced in advance so the public know the details about it. It may include the date,day,hour or even minute it will be released.
  • Multiplex

    What is a multiplex?
    It is a cinema with several seperate screens within one building.
  • Independent Cinemas

    Independent Cinemas
    Independent cinemas - what makes them independent?
    These describe films that are made outside the traditional studio, or made by independent producers.
  • Reigate Cinema

    Reigate Cinema
    Who owns Reigate screen and what type of films do they show?
    'Everyman' cinemas own the Reigate screen, and they are an independent cinema company. They show the most recent films, just like the big chain cinemas like Odeon or Empire.