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film production

  • development

    What is film development?
    It's the initial stage of film production, the producer would choose a genre and decide on a sypnosis. The screenwritting is started, financing is sorced and rights to books and plays are bought.
  • Period: to

    Film production process

  • Film development package

    The package is the slling tool in order to get more financing you need to finalise the script and make a rough budget for the film.
  • Treatment

    A treatment is a descirpetion of the story, usually about 25-30 pages and helps visualise key points, it can include images that show the mood and characters in the storyline.
  • Development hell

    Development hell
    Development hell is where the film is stuck between development and prodcution and takes a long time to move onto production or never does.

    Pre productionis the work neeed/ done before the production for the real film starts.
  • casting process

    casting process
    First of all there is a series of auditionswhcih are done byt the producer director and maybe choreographer with a page(s) of a certain screenplay. the next stage is a group of selecterd actors/ actresses who read from the screenplay from the acctual film, there can be several casting calls in order to ensure they have the right actor/actress.
  • Production design

    The prodcution designer, director and dicector of photography get togther and discuss the asthetics, the feel and settings of the film. They colaberate with hair, make-up and costume designers to create the charcters looks, location designer to figure the right setting and the special effects designer.
  • Storyboard

    A storyboard is a shot by shot accurate representation of what the film will look like. they are usefull because they shw you possible weeknesses, and also if you have missed anything out.
  • Location Recce

    Location Recce is going to the site(s) that you are planning to use and ensuring it is safe and you can use it for what you want.

  • Prinicpal Photography

    Google: Principal photography is the phase of film production in which the movie is filmed, with actors on set and cameras rolling, as distinct from pre-production and post-production
    this is the stage where the shots are taken, It is the most ecpenisve phase of making a film because of actor, crew, set and props cost.
  • Cinematographer

    They lead camera workers to shots that create continunity within the piece, but may not acctually film.
  • On set

    On set
    You arrive on set about 2 hours prior to when you arrange to film to set up camera, set the scene and do the actor's hair, make-up and costume. Start shooting, get as many shots as you need plus more to cut out and pack up then leave.
  • Takes

    the cinematographer: 'set'

    the director shouts 'roll sound'
    The camera operator yells 'rolling'
    1st AD shouts 'slate'.
    The slate operator : take number ...'
    the director says 'action'
    The director :'Cut'...
    If the director is happy with the way the shot went he will tell them to move to the next scene(print it'
    If he is not happy witht he shot they will shoot it again 'Do it again'.
    Once done the director: 'Thats a wrap'

    Post production is the stages after all filming is complete.
  • The editor

    The editor
    An editor is a very impoartnt role in the the film making process An Editor slects the shots that works to combine them into a continunity sequence.
  • sound design

    sound design
    The sound designer in in charge of all non- diegectic and diegetic sounf within then film. they may add foley and take away background noise whcih results in perfect on que sounds.
  • foley artst

    Foley: A technical process by which sounds are created or altered for use in a film, video, or other electronically produced work.
    So a foley artist is the person who edites the sound onto the film.

  • distribution territory

    distribution territory
    This is where in the world the film can be legally distributed and shown
  • Vertical and horizontal integration

    VERTICAL INTEGREATION: Where an institution shares or owns part of the production and integration process.
    HORIZONTAL INTEGREGATION: Where an organisation grows by buying other brands- it's competitors in the market. Horizontal intergregation could help a film because its means there would be less competetors and therfore most likely a larger audience for the film.
  • Release date

    A release date for a film is the date it will be shown nationwide in a cinema, they are usually specific for each country. They are important because it creates the hype for the film and gets people excited; they look forward to this date.
  • Reigate Screen

    Reigate Screen
    Reiagte Screen is owned by everyman Cinema.this company aims to provide a home from home luxary atmosphere within the cinema with bars and lounge areas. the Cinema show "a wide array of mainstream, art house and classic films" for its customers.

  • Multiplexing

    A method of sharing expensive reasorces with the aim of cutting costs.
  • Independant cinemas

    Independant cinemas
    Independant cinemas aim to provide a wide range of filomsd to a large audience. basically they show the more diverse and less mainstream films.