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Z for Zachariah

  • Smoke

    She could see smoke rising in the distance.
  • Someones coming

    Someones coming
    Someone is coming down from the north camping and exploring east.
  • One man

    One man
    There is one man alone coming closer dressed in a green plastic suit.
  • Hes in the house

    The man found her house and set up a tent.
  • Faro

    The dog Faro came back.
  • Exploring

    The man went exploring and Ann followed him staying on the high woods path.
  • Sick man

    Sick man
    Ann realizes that the man is sick and goes into his tent to check on him.
  • John R. Loomis

    John R. Loomis
    The mans name is John R. Loomis and he is a chemist from Ithaca, New York, where Cornell University is, or used to be.
  • conditions

    John has radition poisoning and says his conditions will get worse. His temperature is 99.5.
  • Sleep

    John is shouting and talking in his sleep when Ann went to check on him.
  • Running a Fever

    Running a Fever
    Johns temperature reached 106 and beyond that the thermometer wont show so Ann doesnt think that he will live much longer.
  • Getting worse.

    Getting worse.
    Ann has just about given up. John has laid motionless for more then 32 hours.
  • Getting better

    His condition is getting better. His respiration is down to eighteen per minute which is almost normal.
  • Hes awake

    Hes awake
    He opened his eyes this morning. They were blank and unfocesed, the eyes of a newborn animal.
  • Sweet 16

    Sweet 16
    Today is Ann' birthday, and it has been one of the best weeks of Johns illness.