2000's Technology Advancement Timeline

Timeline created by FelixOppong
  • 2000

    First Camera Phone
    Japan released the very first camera phone. This made it possible for people to share life activities in real-time. The phone sent images as a mail attachment and sent video at 2 frames per second over a PHS network.[4] In contrast, the J-SH04's camera on the back of the phone was designed to take photos facing away from the user, which was a more popular way to use digital cameras at the time than video calling and selfie photos.
  • 2001

    Apple iPod
    Apple introduced their first-ever portable music player.
  • 2004

    Play Station Portable (PSP)
    Jeff Madar
    Sony released a portable game console that can connect with Play Station 3 and used an optic disc format
  • 2005, YouTube

    2005, YouTube
    Three Paypal Employees invented YouTube. Youtube allowed uploading and viewing videos.
  • 2007 iPhone Steve Jobs

    2007 iPhone Steve Jobs
    Apple introduces Steve Jobs and introduction into the iPhone world. The first phone was 4.5 inches by 2.4 inches.
  • 2009 Fitbit

    2009 Fitbit
    Fitbit was invented. The wireless-enabled device, which clips on to the user’s clothing, uses an internal motion detector to track the wearer’s movement, sleep, and calorie burn during both the day and night
  • 2010 iPad

    2010 iPad
    Apple iPad
    The iPad 1st generation can play music, enjoy photos, watch videos, play games, read e-books, send, receive and read email, browse the web, use GPS navigation software, and use social networks.