WWII: European Theater

  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany Invades Poland
    WHO: Germany and Poland
    WHAT: Invaded Poland using the"Blizkrieg" Strategy
    WHERE: In a town of Poland
    WHY: Germany wanted land that was lost from World War I, so Adolf Hitler demanded Germany to invade Poland to gain it back.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Britain

    WHO: Germany and Britain
    WHAT: Germany sent aeroplanes to Britain starting the Battle of Britain.
    WHERE: Everywhere in Britain
    WHY: Just so the Germans can gain more power and have more experience in combat training.
  • Lend-Lease Act

    Lend-Lease Act
    WHO: Franklin Roosevelt and United States Congress.
    WHAT: Singed the Lend-Lease Act
    WHERE: Passed and signed in Washington D.C.
    WHY: In order for the Preseident to be able to send weapons, food, and equipment to the soldiers fighting against the Axis Powers, the Lend-Lease Act had to be signed to give permission.
  • Germany Delcares War on U.S.

    Germany Delcares War on U.S.
    WHO: Hitler (Germany) and Mussolini (Italy)
    WHAT: Germany and Italy both declare war on the United States four days after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
    WHERE: The United States and the Axis Powers.
    WHY: Germany declares war on the US because the US had all these weapons given to their Allies that Germany wanted to beat a powerful nation. They were making more money and had much more technology than in Germany even though the United States gave Germany some of their supplies like munition.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Stalingrad

    WHO: Germany and their Allies, and the Soviet Union.
    WHAT: Germany and its Allies invaded the Soviet Union trying to get more territory.
    WHERE: Stalingrad, Soviet Union.
    WHY: Germany wanted more land area, so they invaded Stalingrad for it. Stalin set up his army to attack, and on February 2nd, Germany retreated and gave up.
  • Period: to

    The Battle of El Alamein

    WHO: General Montgomery and the armies of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, and Frenh soldiers.
    WHAT: Met in El Alamein to attack German lines.
    WHERE: North of Egypt.
    WHY: To gain the first Allied victory over the German homefornt.
  • Allies Land in Italy

    Allies Land in Italy
    WHO: Italy and its Allies.
    WHAT: They land in Italy after conquring Sicily.
    WHERE: Taken place in mainland Italy.
    WHY: In order for them to take controlof the Mediterranian Sea.
  • D-Day Invasion

    D-Day Invasion
    WHO: French Allies, and Germany.
    WHAT: The French faught at the coast line to fight Nazi Germany.
    WHERE: At the French coast line.
    WHY:To stop Germany from fighting Western Europe. It would lead to the end of World War II.
  • Period: to

    The Battle of the Bulge

    WHO: Germany, France, Britain, and America in the Western part of Europe
    WHAT: Hitler declares Germany, Britain, France, and America in the West were too weak and planned a massive attack using three armies and the Allies.
    WHERE: In Italy, Japan,and the USSR
    WHY: In order for them to win the war, the Germans planned the attack, but faultered when they ran out of fuel in their powerful machines like the SS Panzer Division.
  • Period: to

    Yalta Conference

    WHO: The governments of the US, USSR, and the UK.
    WHAT:These three nations all came to a conclusion to come up with new regulations and laws between the three countries.
    WHERE: The organization was hed in Yalta Ukraine.
    WHY: To settle the war and when it would all stop, everyone would pay their own duty and pay repiarations or give back other nations properties.
  • Franklin Roosevelt Dies

    Franklin Roosevelt Dies
    WHO: Franklin Roosevelt
    WHAT: Roosevelt dies during the invasion of Germany by some of Europe's Allies.
    WHERE: In Warm Springs, Georgia at his private resort.
    WHY: His Cancer was effecting him to the point it got bad and his body started shutting down.
  • Hitler commits suicide.

    Hitler commits suicide.
    WHO: Adolf Hitler
    WHAT: He commits suicide by swallowing a cyanide capsule then shot himself in the head.
    WHERE: Hitler died in his underground complex in Berlin, Germany.
    WHY: The soviet troops were coming to Berlin and Germany suggested that Hitler needed to escape. So, the only other way to escape to him was to kill homself instead of leaving to some other area.
  • Germany Surrenders (VE-Day)

    Germany Surrenders (VE-Day)
    WHO: Germany
    WHAT: Germany signes an "unconditional surrender"
    WHERE: Berlin, Germany.
    WHY: Bringing the end of the war to Europe, Germany signs the "Surrender" and ends conflict in Europe.