World war 2 wwii


  • Soviet/German nonagression pact

    Soviet/German nonagression pact
    Germany and the Soviet Union pledged never to attack each other again.
    Helped germans expand easier in the long run.
  • Attack on Poland

    Attack on Poland
    Hitler send in troop and catches poland off-guard.
    Expanded land for Germany and it's cause.
  • Stalin takes action

    Stalin takes action
    Stalin sends troops to occupy the eastern half of Poland.
    Keeps the Polish in check while hitler's off conquering other land.
  • Denmark and Norway taken

    Denmark and Norway taken
    Hitler sends a surprise attack on Denmark and Norway when the french were expecting an attack from Germany.
    Gave more land to Germany as it intimidated France.
  • May of 1940

    May of 1940
    Hitler begins dramatic sweep of Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
    Hitler was now able to attack France from above as well as from the east.
  • Dunkirk

    With low ammunition and no food, France was backed up against their own beach and were defenseless.
    The axis had the upper hand against the French now.
  • Period: to

    Battle for Britain

    German air-force drops bombs over Great Britain and begin invasion on Britain.
    Once Britain is gone the Nazi party will have supreme power.
  • German victory over French

    German victory over French
    French leaders surrender to Germans.
    After the axis conquered one of the greatest contributers to the allies, Great Britain was next.
  • British controlled Africa

    British controlled Africa
    Mussolini sends troops to Egypt in an attempt to claim it for the axis.
    Once taken over Britain will suffer another great blow.
  • The empire strikes back

    The empire strikes back
    Britain sends in attacks to Italy and delivers massive blows to their government.
    Significant because if it never happened Italy would not be ready to be invaded.
  • the axis grow

    Germany persuades the Balkans to join the axis
  • Operation Barbossa

    Operation Barbossa
    Hitler launched his plan to invade the Soviet Union.
    Led to greater lands to conquer and and great loss of food for the Soviet Union.
  • Atlantic Charter

    Atlantic Charter
    Upheld free trade with nations and the rights of people.
    Kept a decent amount of hope for civility.
  • The U.S. joins

    The U.S. joins
    German U-ships are ordered to blow up ships on sight making some of the U.S.'s cargoships disappear.