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  • Germany's Anschluss with Austria

    Germany's Anschluss with Austria
    -Austria was made up of mainly Germans who wanted to be with Germany.
    -Germans marched into Austria without being stopped and Hitler announced their union.
  • Annexation of Sudetenland

    Annexation of Sudetenland
    -This weakened Czechoslovakia greatly.
    -Many people of this area were Germans wanting to rejoin Germany.
  • Munich Pact

    Munich Pact
    -This turned over the Sudentenland to Germany without starting a war.
    -Chamberlain whoi was the prime minister was welcomed back as a hero, this was short lived.
  • Annexation of Czechoslovakia

    Annexation of Czechoslovakia
    -At dawn Germans stormed Czechoslovakia to take over.
    -This took only one day to accomplish.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Nazi-Soviet Pact
    -Germany wanted to go after Poland, but this would start a war with the Soviet Union, however, this Soviet Union signed this pact which made them neutral.
    -Another secret pact to divide Poland was also signed.
  • Invasion of Poland

    Invasion of Poland
    -Germany's air force bombed poland.
    -Blitzkrieg, or lightning war, was the strategy they used which was a very quick and powerful blow to a nation to stop opposing forces.
  • Phony War

    Phony War
    -France and Germany stared at each other for months across their trenches.
    -This was called the sitzkrieg or "sitting war" by Germans.
  • Miracle At Dunkirk

    Miracle At Dunkirk
    -400,000 Allied soldiers fled towards Dunkirk but were trapped by the enemy.
    -Makeshift rafts and other water traveling devices helped 330,000 troops across the water.
  • France Falls

    France Falls
    -Italy and Germany enter from north and south to take France.
    -Germany would rule the northern part of France, while Italy controlled the southern.
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    -Hitler wanted to destroy the Royal Air Force to take over the air power.
    -He bombed Britain for two months straight, however radar was used and stopped the Germans. Hitler called off the invasion.