WW2 Timeline

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    WW2 started

    It started in September 1, 1939
  • Soviet Union invades Poland

    Soviet Union invades Poland
    Not too far away from the start of WW2, the Soviet Union invaded Poland. The polish army began retreating to eastern Galicia with the goal of escaping the German soldiers. The Polish were trapped and had no other chance but to fight, some Poles surrender to the Soviets in order for the Germans no to capture them.
  • Germany invades Denmark and Norway

    Germany invades Denmark and Norway
    When Germany started entering Denmark, they surrendered the first day of the attack. They deployed thousands of troops into their land, they entered thanks to mines that the Britains had left opened near Norwegian points. The government after a few hours declared that they had surrendered, but their soldiers hadnt, they still fought until France led Britain to transfer hundreds of soldiers from Norway to France, that led to Germanys victory.
  • Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

    Japan bombs Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor is a U.S naval base. Around 8:00 A.M hundreds of Japanese fighter planes attacked by surprise to the U.S army. More than 2,400 American soldiers died and 1,000 got injured in the attack and around 300 planes and 20 American naval vessels. The day after the U.S congress declared war on Japan.