• Mussolini’s March on Rome

    Mussolini’s March on Rome
    The March marked the beginning of fascist rule and meant the doom of the preceding parliamentary regimes of socialists and liberals.
  • Stalin become dictator of USSR

    Stalin become dictator of USSR
    Stalin became the dictator of the Soviet Union. After growing up in Georgia, he became a political activist, conducting discreet activities for the Bolshevik Party for twelve years before the Russian Revolution
  • Hitler writes Mein Kampf

    Hitler writes Mein Kampf
    autobiographical manifesto by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler. The work describes the process by which Hitler became antisemitic and outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany
  • 1st “five year plan” in USSR

    1st “five year plan” in USSR
    It was created in order to initiate rapid and large-scale industrialization across the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • Japan invades Manchuria

    Japan invades Manchuria
    Japan invaded Manchuria because they were Seeking raw materials to fuel its growing industries
  • Holodomor

    the famine was caused by a combination of a severe drought, chaotic implementation of forced collectivization of farms, and the food requisition program carried out by the Soviet authorities
  • Hitler appointed chancellor of Germany

    Hitler appointed chancellor of Germany
    Je became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 following a series of electoral victories by the Nazi Party. He ruled absolutely until his death by suicide in April 1945
  • “Night of the Long Knives” in Germany

    “Night of the Long Knives” in Germany
    The Night of the Long Knives was a turning point for the German government.
  • Italian invasion of Ethiopia

    Italian invasion of Ethiopia
    invading Ethiopia was to boost Italian national prestige, wounded by Ethiopia's defeat of Italian forces at the Battle of Adowa in the nineteenth century
  • Nuremburg Laws enacted

    Nuremburg Laws enacted
    Law of the Reich Citizen
    Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour
  • The Great Purge and gulags

    The Great Purge and gulags
    Joseph Stalin's campaign of political repression in the Soviet Union
  • Spanish civil war

    Spanish civil war
    military revolt against the Republican government of Spain
  • The Rape of Nanking

    The Rape of Nanking
    It was a mass murder and mass rape committed by Imperial Japanese troops against the residents of Nanjing
  • Kristallnacht

    was a pogrom against Jews carried out by the Nazi Party's Sturmabteilung paramilitary forces along with civilians throughout Nazi Germany
  • Nazi Germany invades Poland.

    Nazi Germany invades Poland.
    an attack on the Republic of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union
  • Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

    Japan bombs Pearl Harbor
    It was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service upon the United States against the naval base at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu