WW2 Canadian Battles

By Noric
  • Period: to

    Time of World War 2

  • Battle of Hong Kong

    Participants:UK, Canada, Japan
    Casualties: UK/Canada=2 113, Japan=1 996
    Victory: Japan The Battle of Hong Kong started at 8:00 on December 8th, Less then 8 hours after the attack on pearl harbour. Though, due to the day shift, pearl harbour is recorded to have happened on December 7th.
  • The Dieppe Raid

    Particapant-Canada/UK/Poland/US vs Germany
    Casualties- Canada=907, Germany=311
    Total=4 192
    Victory- Germany All soldiers killed during the Dieppe raid weere buried in Grmany, including Canadian and British soldiers. they were burried back to back in the standard German burial form.
  • Invasion of Silicy

    Participants- Canada/UK/US, Italy/Germany
    Casualties- Canada=562
    Victory- Canada/UK/US
    Taking 26 000 Canadian soldiers, Silicy fell after 38 days. during this, Canadians traveled 120 miles and faught along the way
  • Normandy Landings

    Participants- Canada/UK/US/France/Poland/Norway/Australia/New Zealand/Netherlands, Germany Casualties-Canada=1 204
    -total= 12 000
    Victory- Allied victory This battle is better known as D-day or operation neptune, Also this battle featured many overlapping allied plans, meaning that not everyone on the same side was doing the same thing.
  • Battle for Caen

    Participants- Canada/UK,Germany
    Casualties- Canada=?
    -totaly= 50 539
    victory- Allies One hundred fifty-six Canadian prisoners-of-war were shot near Caen by the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend in the days and weeks following D-Day.Twenty Canadians were killed near Villons-les-Buissons, north-west of Caen in Ardenne Abbey
  • Battle of Verrières Ridge

    Participants- Canada,Germany
    Casualties- Canada=800
    -total= unknown
    victory- Germany All of the gains made by the Black Watch and Calgary Highlanders were lost to German counterattacks, which inflicted heavy losses on the Highlanders and the previously unscathed Black Watch support company.The Black Watch had to be reformed after Verrières Ridge, having sustained more casualties than any Canadian infantry battalion since the disastrous raid on Dieppe.
  • St Lambert sur Dives

    Participants-Canada/Poland/US/France, Germany
    Casualties-Canada= Less than 200
    Victory-Allied victory During the early hours of the action, four unarmed personnel from the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit arrived in St. Lambert in two jeeps. They were able to record the events as they unfolded in black and white photographs
  • Gothic Line

    Particpants-UK/US/India/Canada/Poland/New Zealand/South/Africa/Brazil/Italian Resistance/Greece, Germany/Italy
    Casualties-Canada=4 000
    -total= 40 000 This Battle was all just part of a plan to maybe attack the underbelly of the axis forces.
    Victory= none
  • Battle of the Scheldt

    Participants- Canada/UK/Belgium/Netherland/Norway/Poland, Germany
    Casualties- Canada= 6 367
    - total= 12 873
    Victory- Allied victory This is one of the most important battle in Candian history. Yet around the world it's only a minor battle
  • The Hochwald

    Participants- Canada, Germany
    Causalties- Canada=135
    Victory- Canada The Canadian attacked in the worst area for this battle as it was the most defended. according to the German commander, if the Canadians attacked in a more spread out way than the German lines would have crumbled faster.