Timeline created by JeremyCJr
  • Italy Invades Ethiopia

    Ethiopian king will ask the league of nations for help
    the league will seek penalties for violating international law, however, they have no power enforce ther laws
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    Germany discussed about the Agreement so there would not be another war with germany
  • German Agression

    German Agression
    Hitlers goal is to be all German-speaking people into the third reich
    In order to do so, he needs space
    Hitler begins to go against the orders in the Treaty of Versailles
    Hitler begins Military production and tests the DMZ
    Germany annexes Austria creating a brief war scare, but western nations take no action
  • Plunging towards the war

    Plunging towards the war
    In March 1939, Hitler annexes the rest of Czechoslovakia. At this point the Allies vow to protect Poland fearing they may be next. In August 1939,Hitler announces non-aggression towards Russia
  • War is Declared

    War is Declared
    In September 1939, Germany invades Poland. Two days later Brittain and France declare war
  • Germany tries to invade Russia

    Germany tries to invade Russia
    Lucky for Russia the attack of Germany was a fail and most soldiers either died of the cold winter or the powerful forces of Russia
  • United States Joins the Fight

    United States Joins the Fight
  • Atomic Bomb

    Atomic Bomb
    in 1954... we have awakened something... We call him...GOJIRA lol im kidding in 1945 President Truman found out about the most powerful weapon in the world and unleashed it on the Japanese City of Hiroshima
  • Hitler Suicide

    Hitler Suicide
    FInally, the Nazi order is over and all is left is the Japanese Empire

    Sadly our beloved president dies before the war ended because of a Stroke
  • The Japs Surrender The Allies Win

    The Japs Surrender The Allies Win
  • Period: to

    WW2 Time span

    Sadly the war took Six Years! but gladly it is over