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    French revolution - cold war

    events from 2019-2020 school year
  • Nationalism

    There were 4 things about the nationalism and they are congress of vienna, nationlism, italy united, germeny united. the congress felt nationlism was part of a disease of the french revolution. a common culture language lead to nationalism. being invade makes people have more nationlism.
  • industrial revolution

    industrial revolution
    In the industrial revolution people stop using they hands and start using machines for goods. The goverment made poor families lose there farms , so they had to work in factorys. There were people were they invented things for the machine.
  • french revolution

    french revolution
    The french revolution had 3 etates. In july 1789 angry and starving mobs attacked the bastille and thtas how the french revolution started. In the frech revolution they had alot of votes and things thats deal with taxes.
  • imperialism

    the imperialism takes control of other nations. The videos says money and power is most important growth . The telegraph in the video increased communication .
  • ww1

    In ww1 they were central powers and allied powers. The both powers had fought ww1 all over the world. They had fought in the air because thats when airplanes came in. They had a new weapon which was callled tanks.
  • ww2

    In ww2 there italy, germany and japan they superior and had the right to take over the world. Italy, germany and japan love controling people wanted to take everything. Italy , geramny and japan were dictators.
  • ww2

    The treaty of versailles had punished germany severaly. The Great Depression encouraged the rise of dictators who promised a better way of life. the dictators did not believe in freedom of speech or equaily.
  • berlin airlift

    berlin airlift
    With the airlift, the Western powers showed they would not let the communist control any more European land. They said they might allow Communism to spread.The Soviets stopped blockading Berlin.
  • korean war

    korean war
    Korea lies between China and japan. In 1910 , Japan made Korea part of the empire. The 38th parallel of latitude became the border that divided the two republics. In July truce talks began. A truce is an agreement to stop a war for a time. The talk dragged on for two years.
  • Space race

    Space race
    The Space Race began in 1955 when both countries announced that they would soon be launching satellites into orbit. The Soviets took the US announcement as a challenge and even established a commission whose goal was to beat the US in putting a satellite into space.