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  • Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler became a leader in Germany
  • Period: to


  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin rose to power in Russian and made goverment called the communist and country the Soviet Unoin
  • Hitler's take over

    Hitler's take over
    Hitler became chairman of National Socialist German Workers' party
  • Benito Mussolini

    Benito Mussolini
    He takes over Italy and is a Fascism and force king of Italy to declare Mussolini the head of the goverment
  • Japan aattack Manchuria in china

    Japan aattack Manchuria in china
    Japan easly took Manchuria
  • End Democracy in Germany

    Germany End Democracy
  • Italy invade Ethiopia

    Italy invade Ethiopia
    took over Ethiopia
  • American congress pass a Neutrality Act

    This act banned the sale of weapons to nation at war and only nation can buy goods and transport with cash only.
  • Forming alliance

    Forming alliance
    Hitler team up with Italy
  • Hitler start taking land

    Hitler start taking land
    Hitler took german territory that treatiy versailles like Rhineland ,Austria, sudetenland
  • Japan team up with German and Italy

    Japan team up with German and Italy
    Japan tie arms with Germany and Japan to make a Axis
  • Italy insulted Albania

    Italy made aggressive policies and attcking and annexing Albania
  • Hitler lied

    Hitler lied
    Hitler broke the appeasement by taking over Czechoslovakia and Chamberlain knew that germany couldn't be trusted
  • Germany and russian

    Germany and russian
    Hitler got Stalin to sign the Soviet-german Non-Aggression pact
  • poland capture by germans

    poland capture by germans
    Germany invade poland
  • War is declare

    War is declare
    Britain and France declare war on germany
  • Peal habor

    Peal habor
    Japan attack a mitaler base
  • US join the war

    US join  the war
    Us enter ww2 and allies with Britain and France
  • Hitler Killed

    Hitler Killed
    Hitler was killed lead to win in eupore
  • WW2 ends

    WW2 ends
    WW2 ends