By dunny
  • hilter kills his right-hand-man

    hilter kills his right-hand-man
    Hilter executed many of his own men, including his right-hand-man so he could rise to power.
  • a new order forms

    a new order forms
    germany and japan sign a anit-comintern pact, which italy joins later on. this was called the ' rome-berlin-tokyo axis'.
  • italy joins the fight

    italy joins the fight
    italy joins the anit-comintern.
  • USA are attacked

    USA are attacked
    japan attacks the US gunboat, panay and three or american ships near naking china.in response, US president frakin delano roosevelt appeals to congress for more military funding.
  • austria's time to shine

    austria's time to shine
    hitler summons austria's chanellor, Kurt Von Schuschnigg and informs him that in has no choice but to join him.
  • korean border

    korean border
    the japanese and soviet troops thresten to cause war between these two nations. a truce ends the conflict.
  • jews are targeted

    jews are targeted
    in the night jews are attacked by germans. 30000 sent to concentration camps. jews are made to pay compensation the non-jews.
  • the pleged

    france pledges to protect poland.
  • german-russian expansion

    german-russian expansion
    longtime enemies germany and russia sign the german-soiet non-aggression pact. germany invades poland eight days later, while the soviets plan invasions on the east side of poland.
  • war is declared

    war is declared
    honouring its pledge to protest poland, england declares war on germany.france does as well.a few hours later australia follows suit.