WW1 timeline Gallipoli

  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife in 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand being the heir to Austria-Hungary's throne this was the final straw this sparked natinal war Archduke was assassinated by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip this cased Austro-Hungaria to declare war on serbis. this was the begging to WW1
  • alliances

    world war 1 has begun and europe has been split into the two seperate alliances. the triple Alliance ( consisting of Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy) and the triple entente (Britain, France and Russia.
  • australia joins the war

    australia joins the war
    Australia became involved in World War One in August ‘1914', as Britain was preparing to declare war on Germany. At the time Andrew Fisher (future Australian prime minister) promised that Australia would stand behind their mother country. He believed this war to be a noble cause where Australians could demonstrate their loyalty
  • threat from Turkey

    threat from Turkey
    Winston Churchill wrote:
    The price to be paid in taking Gallipoli would no doubt be heavy, but there would be no more war with Turkey. A good army of 50,000 men and sea power – that is the end of the Turkish menace
  • troops leave albany WA

    troops leave albany WA
  • troops arrive in egypt

    troops arrive in egypt
    troops arrive in egypt this was an unexpected stop they had no idea about this they completed a 6 month traning corce.
  • Period: to

    traning in egypt

  • 200 ships assembled

    200 ships assembled
    over 200 ship where assembleed on the 20th of april the troops had completed the training in egypt and where ready to fight.
  • Pre-invasion report

    British General headquarters made a final pre-invasion report it read "it is the general opinion that the Turks will offer an energetic resistance to our landing, but when once we are firmly established on the peninsula it is thought possible that this opposition may crumble away..."
  • invasion of the gallipoli peninsula

    invasion of the gallipoli peninsula
    4.30-6.30am the invasion of gallipoli peninsula,Turkey happend. By the british ,australian and New Zealand foreces (ANZACS) by the end of the day the britidh had clamed to small pockets of land on the tip of the peninsula the ANZACS had a strip of country a bit further up the peninsula.
  • battle of krithia

  • second battle of krithia

    the british along side the french,australian and new zealand fores,attemped to ivade krithia but the turkish lines held and the village did not fall. this was the second apptemp.
  • third battle of the krithia

    the british lanched the third battle of krithia on what was described as 'exquisite summer's day' the bristish did brake though the turks but did suffer more than 4,500 casualties and the french over 2,000
  • lieutenant-colonel hasan bey, commander of the turkish

    lieutenant-colonel hasan bey, commander of the turkish
    lieutenant-colonel hasan bey was killed on 11 july, he was the commander of the turkish. And his last words where "dont kill the french man he was only doing is duty" i thought this was good to put in as it showed that not everyone fighting was cold blooded and wanted to kill
  • death of lieutenant-colonel hasan bey

  • 20,000 british soldiers secretly brouught ashore

    20,000 british soldiers secretly brouught ashore
  • withdrawal from gallipoli

  • severe thunderstorms

  • french forces evacuated

  • joseh murray thoughts on evacuation

  • Period: to

    everyone evacuated

    the ANZACS had evacuatedTurkey without sustaining too many more casualties, but over 26,111 Australians had been wounded including 8,141 deaths. regardless of this Gallipoli didn't have as big an influence as it should have on the war.