WW1 Homefront and Political Events

  • Canada announces it is at war.

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    WW1 Homefront and Political Events

  • War Measures Act

    The War Measures Act gave the Canadian government the authority to do everything necessary for the security, defence, peace, order and welfare of Canada. It was also used to detain anyone designated as an enemy alien.
  • Military Service Act

    Robert Borden passes the Military Service Act, which made military service compulsory for men over 18 (conscription). This was enforced because volunteers were decreasing while casualties were increasing.
  • Military Voters Act

    Borden passes the Military Voters Act which extends voting rights to all men and women (nurses) in Canadian Military. This is the first time women vote! Aboriginals in the military could vote if they gave up thair Indian status.
  • War-time Elections Act

    Borden passes the War-time Elections Act which grants the vote to wives, mothers and sisters of soldiers. It disenfranchised citizens of enemy-alien birth.
  • 1917 Election

    Borden (conservative) vs. Wilfred Laurier (liberal) main issue: conscription. Borden wins!
  • Armistice

    The endof WW1. A cease fire was planned for 11:00am.