• Trench Warfare

    Trench Warfare
    Both sides dug many trenches and designs to out-wit the other. There was barbed wire separating no man's land and the trenches. Behind the trenches a mile or so back there were heavy artillery weapons.
  • Sussex Pledge

    Sussex Pledge
    This pledge met the foreign policy goals of Germany and President Wilson. Germany wanted to establish this to keep the US out of the war. That idea only lasted a while and then the US got involved.
  • Selective Service Established

    This was a service that replaced the draft. The people in this service, their main job was to select people for the war. President Wilson and Congress both supported this option.
  • to Myrtle

    to Myrtle
    Henry starts the letter out a little confusfing. It's a letter to his lady. He refers to her as "Baby Girl". He starts it by saying he isn't happy to hear from her. He tells her how awful his life has been, and that he has gone dead broke because of all the letters he has been sending to her.
  • The Fourteen Points

    This was a peace plan Wilson brought to Paris. He believed that if the fourteen points were implemented, there would be long-lasting peace in Europe.
  • Germanys last Offensive Attack

    This was Germany's last attack and it wanted to go out with a bang. They used lots of gas and huge artillery bombardment. In the end, the US and French troops stood their ground, to keep their land.
  • Stars and Stripes forever

    This was the last letter sent to Myrtle. He talks about getting to the port and getting their mail. he mentions how her letters made him happy.
  • Dog poster

    The postcard has a dog with a little barrel around its neck. On the dog's neck, there is a red cross. Under the dog, it says "I'm a war baby too". There is a writing to that says Henry thought Myrtle was dead or went on a ridiculous trip.
  • Kiss from France

    This postcard was not sent to a certain person. I think it was from Henry to Myrtle. In the flamingo's coat, there are many different flags. They symbolize that we as humans are on different branches, but we all come from the same beginning.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    This was a treaty that was signed after the end of WW1. It was made to end the war between Germany and the Allied Powers. This was signed exactly 5 years after the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.
  • US Senate RejectsTreaty of Versailles

    President Wilson denied republican support for the treaty, and yet still tried to pass it. He tried to approve it for two years and in both years it was declined. The UN took this idea and made long-lasting peace without the US.