World War Two and the Events that Lead to It

  • Hitler became Chancellor of Germany

  • Germany signs a Concordat with the Catholic Church

    The Concordat allowed Cathlics to continue worshiping in Nazi Germany, in return for the dssolution of the major Catholic Political Party.
  • Compulsory sterilisation was introduced

    In Nazi Germany, people who suffered from physical or intellectual dissabilities were to be sterilised so that they would be unable to pass on their handicap to their children.
  • The Night of the Long Knives

    The Nazi Storm Troups (SA) were purged, along with a number of political opponents to Hitler and the Nazi Party.
  • All youth are required to join Nazi youth groups

    All young Germans are required to become members of the Hitler Youth or the League of German Girls
  • Kristallnacht

    A pogrom was carried out against the Jews living in Germany. It led to 91 murders.
  • Hitler claims to have solved all of Germany's economic problems

  • Germany invades Poland

  • Beginning of the Phoney War

    Between September 1939 and April 1940, the War was referred to as The Phoney War before Germany invaded Norway.
  • Britain declares war on Germany