World War II

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    Japanese Invasion of China

    Once Japan began to invade China after taking over Korea, the European nations interfered. But Japan didn't back down and decided to go to war with Russia and won. And they took the opportunity to continue their invasion on China once a bomb was set off on one of their trains.
  • Appeasement (Theme)

    Was a policy and an agreement made between French Britain Germany and The United States. The nations wanted to keep Germany at bay and to keep things peaceful between the other nations to prevent a war. The importance of the appeasement and why it was so important to maintain peace was that the economic depression was going on and the nations didn't want to deal with another war or dispute with capitalist nations and Fascist states.
    (was present in the Munich agreement)
  • Pre- War (Before 1939)

  • Munich Conference/ Agreement

    Every time Germany wanted something this agreement was made to give Germany what it wanted in order to maintain peace. Soon enough. Germany wanted Czechoslovakia’s land since they were already natives living on the outskirts. so The United states French and Britain agreed to give Hitler these lands in return for the promise of peace and that he wouldn't take any more land. But Germany took advantage of this and took more than what it promised.
  • Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact

    Was an agreement between the Soviet Union and Germany to maintain temporary peace between them. in disagreement, they would not turn against each other for 10 years and not engage in the war between each other. Through this agreement, Poland was split between the Soviet Union and the Nazis along with other lands. But Germany went back on this agreement and invaded Russia ending the pact in 1941. (People and Terms Unit 8)
  • Invatsion of Poland

    Was the event that began WW2, because Germany broke the agreement made in the pact. and by using tactics like blitzkrieg they used tanks and bombs on the cities. This event set forth Hitler's plan and caused Europe to be involved in WW2.
  • Strategic Bombing (Theme)

    The bombings that occurred in WW2 had purposes like eliminating the enemy and their territory. An example of how the Natzi's used this was by targeting certain cities anywhere in Europe. Those cities held jews and communists, the people which Hitler wanted to eliminate, he focused most of his efforts on this. And the bombing was a more easier and effective way for him to get rid of them.
  • Lebensraum (Theme)

    After bombing certain cities, Germany was able to gain new lands, "living space." This would be used to help Germany economically and to aid the previous effects of the economic depression in Germany. It was also used to make a german industry.
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  • Dunkirk

    It is a French port city where the French and British troops where they were trapped. This occurred after Germany continued their bombings and blitzkrieg. but the troops were eventually rescued by British boats, making them Germany's next target.
  • Operation Basbarossa

    After gaining the trust of Stalin and forming an alliance with Russia Hitler plans on attacking Russia. And once June 22nd, 1941 came German soldiers invaded Russia and took Stalin off guard since he did not expect the attacks and wouldn't be able to respond immediately. Hitler’s goal through this operation was to eradicate the Jews and erase all traces of communism. (P&T U8)
  • Pear Harbor

    Was a U.S. naval base. Japan decided to bomb the base causing several casualties. Their goal was to wipe out their territory in the pacific. But because of this, the U.S. declared war.
  • Island Hopping

    Was a tactic used by the U.S. Army where they seized control over the pacific islands, in order to free them from Japan. They made their way through the islands until they got near to the mainland of Japan. this was used to weaken them and take their territory wile fighting them.
  • Battle of Midway

    This was the turning point in the war for Japan signaling their downfall. And their failure of taking over other Pacific islands. This was because the U.S. navy was prepared and defeated them. Japan faced consequences from their loss that they couldn't recover.
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    Battle of Stalingrad

    Was the turning point for Stalin and Russia after Hitler had deceived them and attack them. The battle occurred when the Germans attacked Stalingrad. dare Stalin ordered his soldiers to continue fighting until the Germans were defeated in 1943. the outcome of this battle was that the Russians were able to counter the attacks that the Germans brought and were able to defeat the Nazis.
  • Battle of El Alamein

    Was a battle in Africa that determined who would be in control of the territory. It all started because Italy and Germany were trying to spread their territory throughout Africa as well. But the British fought back. And after the battle both Germany and Italy were pushed out of Africa and the allies regained control.
  • Hiroshima & Nagasaki

    This was when the U.S. decided to bomb both Hiroshima and Nagasaki using a newly tested atomic bomb. This bombing caused severe consequences to the people involved and the atomic bomb in question was controversial. Several troops there died, along with the civilians nearby. Because of the bombing, Japan surrendered.
  • End of WW2